Pedro’s 90lbs

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Scary Stuff

scared - Fitness Revolution RowlettThe stuff that scares you the most is the stuff you should be doing first.

Normally I don’t deviate too far away from topics of fitness and health but I just had a big wakeup call recently that really caused me to take action on something that I have been terrified of for the past 6 months.

What that is I’ll save for a later blog but I realized how this closely relates to workouts.

One of the most dreadful work outs my clients have is when there is a lower body focused day or when we have to work to correct their weaknesses.

We always want to train our strengths, that’s fun, but correcting our weaknesses or areas of improvements is… well not fun and sometimes downright scary! It hurts and breaks down our tender egos that we have worked so hard to build along with our bodies.

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What the heck causes that STITCH in the side?

Causes for that stitch in your side when your run - Fitness Revolution RowlettThat damn stitch just hurts! If you’re reading this then you have had one before and you can understand that you can only fight it for so long before eventually it causes you to slow down or stop before you in agonizing pain just trying to catch your breath.

I see this more common during the summer months when people are attempting to do more HIIT cardio to drop body fat but what ends up halting their running is they begin to get that stitch in their sides. After the person spends a few minutes catching their breath I tend to get the question why does this happen?

Feels a bit defeating trying to get your sexy on when your body is just saying NO lol


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Your Excuse is Invalid

*I must say that when I wrote this I was not concerned about formatting, just a rant*

No Excuses - Fitness Revolution RowlettExcuses Make You Fat

This previous weekend I was out away from my home gym and decided to grab a few workouts at popular big box gym and it brought back some memories of some people that I use to train and work out along side that truly blew all excuses out of the water.

When I was about 18-19 I use to workout at this hole in the wall gym (Texas Gym) and I loved it! Some of the hardest workouts to this day were at that place due to the fact there was so much energy, testosterone and no BS attitude that just oozed out of that place. I could go all day and tell you stories of how hard and crazy those workouts were but what impressed me the most about that place is that no one there tolerated excuses. [Read more…]

Brandy’s Success 80lbs later (a must look!)

Brandy Gregg at Fitness Revolution Rowlett

80lbs in 8 months!!!

My story began with personal tragedy.  I was 30 years old when my husband died unexpectedly in 2008.  I had to start over my life and pretty much refigure out who I was, what I really wanted for my life, and what I really wanted to be. It took me a while, but I finally decided it was time to take care of me! I wanted to be the best I could be. I was also applying to nurse practitioner school, and wondering how I was going to advise people on health, when I was overweight myself.   In January 2011, I started working out and eating better. I lost some weight, but did not make the improvements I wanted. [Read more…]

Tham’s Experience

Tham's experience with a personal trainer

In October 2011, a close friend enrolled in an Anytime Fitness membership. After noticing improvement in just two weeks, this motivated me to also join. She then referred me to Travis Merritt, her personal trainer. Through his holistic system, I have definitely met my goals. [Read more…]

Jeep Wrangler Chest Press

Rowlett Personal Trainer Jeep Chest Press

Good ol' Jeep Presses


I wanted to change things up a bit this weekend and instead of posting up a training article I figured that I would showyou some of the fun things that we do in our workouts. I know that the word “fun” can be subjective, but I still think its pretty cool.

Sometimes at the end of  a workout I’ll want to do something a bit different so the last few weeks my partner and I have been using his Jeep for some of our exercises. For those of you who are just now reading this blog may be surprised by that but for those of you who know me probably aren’t surprised at all. Now to those clients that I have that are reading this they are probably just shaking their heads thinking “Oh my trainer is crazy”… well maybe a bit 😉 [Read more…]

Champion Core Series Level 6

Level 6!

Fitness Revolution Rowlett Ab Workout

Some seriously awesome abs

Finally we are here! Level 6, this level was built for those that have finally garnished some great abdominal control and are ready to really push the limits of… well let me be honest, to the limits of their pain tolerance. This workout is a bit painful because it built that you have some incredible control over you abdominal function and movement patterns, other words you should be able to really tell the difference between your abdominal wall working vs. your lower and upper obliques.

I will say that if you haven’t passed through at least level five and have a comfortable feelings with yoru coordination don’t do this workout just yet, trust me master the basics and you’ll get the full benefits of this routine.

This workout is just the final level of the BEGINING of true ab work. Your probably thinking “WHAT!?!?!?!? This is just the BEGINING of ab work!?”

Well yes it is. I told you that I have surprises coming for you and this is one of them. Remember this whole series was built to teach you HOW to control your abs and HOW to develop that proper mind/muscle connection (neuro-muscular control) that is needed to develop some epic abs. [Read more…]

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks

I love my kicks

Change the pace a bit I wanted to go over one of the most over looked, and to some degree, under looked pieces of equipment that we use in the gym.

Our kicks (“shoes” for those that aren’t caught up with kids new lingo).

I’ve have seen all kinds of shoes used in day to day gym work, ranging from flip-flops to steal toed construction boots… heck I’ve even seen some EXTREME high-heals (my clients called these hooker heals lol) used for workouts in the gym.

People eventually do come around to asking me what kind of shoes they should get, well the most common shoe that I personally recommend is the New Balance Minimus.


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Champion Core Series Level 2


Now on to level 2!


I’ll keep this a bit short and sweet because the only real difference between level 1 and level 2 workouts is the addition of a bent knee leg raise.

The reason that we are going with a bent knee is that by this point in time you should be able to have a little bit more basic control over your abdominal wall and we need to turn it up a notch WITHOUT going too far outside your level of control. [Read more…]