Carb Cycling and Sex


Carb cycling and sex

In today’s society the consumption of food is very similar to sex.

Beat that caught your attention; food AND sex in the same sentence. 😉

I think though that more people look for pleasure with food than they do with sex. You don’t see people constantly seeking pleasure from sex in the way they do with food; rather, sexual pleasure, or any enjoyable activities is viewed to be indulged in at appropriate times.

Food on the other hand can almost be indulged at anywhere at any time of the day. Hence we will see people fornicating in the streets from what the hot dog vendor sells and not necessarily the hot-dog vendor himself. [Read more…]

What to Eat Before a Workout?

what to eat before a workout - pre workout meal - Fitness Revolution Rowlett

This has to be one of the biggest questions that I get as a trainer.

I’ll admit that it’s a good question because depending on the type of workout can influence what a person should or should NOT do before their training session to maximize the results of their workout.

These can range from types of food, timing and supplements which can make your progress a lot easier.

I’ll keep the supplement list very basic but as you progress with your fitness and goals you can get pretty serious about certain types of supplements you can take to enhance your performance or fat loss progress… but ONLY if you are covering your bases already.

Again I emphasize that I’m still a believer that if you are eating like poo and not doing the basics then you will not get the full benefit of the supplement. [Read more…]

How to Fix Damage from Thanksgiving


An Example Body Weight Conditioning Workout

30/30 Split (Body Weight)

(30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest)

*Rest for 1min between each group* [Read more…]

How to get LEANER over Thanksgiving

How to get lean over Thanksgiving - Fitness Revolution Rowlett

No this isn’t a trick, and yes this is possible.

No this isn’t a smart a—answer that you’ll don’t have to skip out on the holidays or purge all of your food the day of, I actually did read that someone recommended this :-/

There is a way to eat stuff your face like a pig AND still lose body fat.

In fact this is a tactic that I have used multiple times with clients to help them drop body fat while still having a cheat days and meals on a frequent basis. [Read more…]

How to get a body like HER

I want to look like HER - Fitness Revolution RowlettSo, who is “her”?

We each have one of those women that we see in the gym or magazines, these are the ones that you feel are the epitome of a fit, healthy, sexy body.

The most common things you’ll hear about these women are:

“I want to look like her”, “I want legs like her”, “I want her a$$”, “I want her abs”, etc… the list goes on.

The definition of “her” is always different for everyone but no matter what, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

When I first started to begin really making training a full time career I was living in San Antonio, TX, working for a big health club. For some reason, I don’t know why, about 60% of my clients were rather attractive woman, and I will say I NEVER complained. In fact it was a joke at my gym that if she was hot she was most likely going to train with Travis… like I said, I NEVER complained 😉

I had some reasonable success in getting these women into stellar shape, in my opinion some of my best physique work was back then. 90% of them had abs and amazing legs when we were done, a few landed some pretty large modeling deals and I even had one that ended up in Playboy (so not kidding about that). [Read more…]

7 Shoulder Saving Tips

shoulder savers - Fitness Revolution Rowlett

Why do I work on shoulders so much? Well, if you bust your knee you can still train upper body, BUT if you mess up your shoulder then you’re just about done in the gym.

The more shoulders I see, the more I realize that the bitch of the matter is fixing them when they are busted. Usually this is because the majority of the time it’s a learned movement pattern that has to be broken and re-taught. This blog is for those people that THINK they are starting to notice a slight twinge in that area. If you feel the twinge, then trust me… stop.

Below are some tips that I have accumulated to help keep those shoulders healthy so you don’t have to suffer though the aches and annoyances of feeling hindered while you have to let yourself heal.

If you are already having some shoulder pain I would recommend taking a look at this first: Shoulder Pain

[Read more…]

Training while sick

Working out while sick - Fitness Revolution RowlettIt’s going to happen. It’s just a matter of time, you find that you’re in this beautiful rhythm with your training. You’re hitting all your goals, you’re incredibly strong and feel fitter than ever, you’re losing weight and you feel amazing.

Then out of nowhere, you notice that little “tickle” in the back of your throat that’s an indicator of what’s to come if you don’t slow down. You think: “I can’t slow down! I’m kicking too much a$$ to slow down!” so you begin doing every trick that you know to prevent what’s about to happen, you up your vitamins, drink more water, go to the local supp shop to pick up something, then when you wake up the next morning you feel like crap.


Right when you’re getting somewhere in the gym you get sick, what a bad time for this. [Read more…]

Jeep Wrangler Chest Press

Rowlett Personal Trainer Jeep Chest Press

Good ol' Jeep Presses


I wanted to change things up a bit this weekend and instead of posting up a training article I figured that I would showyou some of the fun things that we do in our workouts. I know that the word “fun” can be subjective, but I still think its pretty cool.

Sometimes at the end of  a workout I’ll want to do something a bit different so the last few weeks my partner and I have been using his Jeep for some of our exercises. For those of you who are just now reading this blog may be surprised by that but for those of you who know me probably aren’t surprised at all. Now to those clients that I have that are reading this they are probably just shaking their heads thinking “Oh my trainer is crazy”… well maybe a bit 😉 [Read more…]

Champion Core Series Level 6

Level 6!

Fitness Revolution Rowlett Ab Workout

Some seriously awesome abs

Finally we are here! Level 6, this level was built for those that have finally garnished some great abdominal control and are ready to really push the limits of… well let me be honest, to the limits of their pain tolerance. This workout is a bit painful because it built that you have some incredible control over you abdominal function and movement patterns, other words you should be able to really tell the difference between your abdominal wall working vs. your lower and upper obliques.

I will say that if you haven’t passed through at least level five and have a comfortable feelings with yoru coordination don’t do this workout just yet, trust me master the basics and you’ll get the full benefits of this routine.

This workout is just the final level of the BEGINING of true ab work. Your probably thinking “WHAT!?!?!?!? This is just the BEGINING of ab work!?”

Well yes it is. I told you that I have surprises coming for you and this is one of them. Remember this whole series was built to teach you HOW to control your abs and HOW to develop that proper mind/muscle connection (neuro-muscular control) that is needed to develop some epic abs. [Read more…]

A fat melting workout on a treadmill?!


I’ve always thought that treadmills are for gerbils… but I then remember this workout I’m about to show you.

I’ve been a victim of the cardio monotony for years at big health clubs, I was brought up that if you wanted to lose weight and get lean you had to spend hours a week to steady state heart rate training or low intensity heart rate intervals to get lean.

I would get on press the start button and go anywhere from 30-60min sometimes twice a day just to get that extra lean appearance that we all seek. Problem was I felt like I was wasting time and my workouts were taking too damn long! Heck when I was getting ready for some fitness events I could spend almost 3 hours a day in the gym!!! Now I love the gym but even I get sick of it after a while.

Plus what bothered me was I was losing weight but I started to lose valuable muscle as well. Towards the end I would usually cap out at around 8% body fat then I would notice that for every pound of fat that I lost I would lose nearly a pound of muscle. So great, I lost 10lbs but my body fat moved very minimally…

Finally I wised up and started implementing sprint training into my workouts and what a difference that made! 10-15min 2-3 times a week and I was leaner than ever and maintained if not had a slight increase in muscle mass! Yeah I no longer needed a treadmill!

There was a problem though…

I needed a sprint track and sometimes finding those could be difficult and if it was cold outside forget it. I mean I love the hard core rocky training principle but I hated slipping on ice when I was up north. Can’t run sprints with a busted knee.

The solution… a treadmill?


Well I was shown this principle a year back and I have implemented it not only into my workouts but teaching this to my clients as well. Its actually pretty simple 🙂

  • Do a 2-5min warm up (some need more or less depending on your day)
  • Increase your incline to a 12 (yes I said 12)
  • Pick a speed that on a scale of 1-10 is about a 7
  • Run for 30 sec
  • Straddle the treadmill and rest for 30sec
  • Repeat for 10min
  • Drop the speed and incline and walk for 2-3min


One thing that I want you to get over the is “I’m going to fall and eat my face if I take off on a moving treadmill” If you follow the video people I’ve shown you how to “peddle” your feet to get your pace down before you take off running.




The workout may seem quick and short but thats the point!

Just do this workout twice a week (anything more and you’ll stress your nervous system too much) and on your third day go do a steady state cardio workout for about 30min on anything that you want: elliptical, bike, swimming, etc…

**You can always change the interval  duration’s, 30 sec on 30 sec off. 45 sec on 15sec off.  15sec on 15sec off… its limitless!

***It may be easy for the first few rounds so you’ll think that you should increase the speed but DON’T, after about 5 or 6 intervals you’ll hate yourself for even thinking it 😉


Let me know what you think!



In Health and Fitness,




Travis Merritt, BS, CPT is the owner of Fitness Revolution in Rowlett, TX.

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