Some powerful videos.


Now its not too often that I break away from my usual education pieces but some times I see some things that really make me sit back and reflect on one of the deeper reasons that I do what I do.

Take a look at both videos that I consider to be pretty powerful. [Read more…]

Champion Core Series: Level 4


Level 4 is Here!

Ok, so if you’ve made it this far in your routine then you should notice that by this point in time, if you have mastered the previous three levels of training, that your abdominal development should be picking up.  Assuming that you don’t have copious amounts of insulation over them you should be able to feel the ridges in your abdominal wall and some developing in your oblique’s.

Level 4 really starts to scratch the surface of some of the advanced work that about to come! So you’ll notice that the exercises are beginning to get more difficult and a feeling of the need to “get stronger” begins to become more prevlaint

You see with the two three levels you may have noticed that the primary focus was just neural coordination or other words what is commonly known at the mind muscle connection.

Level three came around and by then you become to feel a bit of burn in your ab training due to the increased mind muscle connection but you may still have to had think pretty hard about really making the abs work.

So here are the two new exercises that make level 4 really start to stand out. [Read more…]

Champion Core Series Level 1.5!?

Level 1.5!? But Travis, what happened to Level 2!?

Well slow down turbo and I’ll explain what I’m doing here. Its simple, I don’t want to overwhelm some people. I could on a jump straight to level 2 core work, which would be some starting point, but I want to make sure that you take the time to learn the basics before you try core my annihilators 😉

***Just wait till you see my annihilators, promise its some of the craziest core exercises you’ve seen***

Remember you can’t run the Olympics if you can’t run jr. high track first.

[Read more…]

Champion Core Series Level 1


Wow so that last blog post was a LONG one! Iol I got a few comments about that it may have been too long… yeah yeah it was a bit nerdy but get over it 😉

So depending on where you were in your test will determine what level you need to start at in the ab workouts. I’m going to start with the 50% individuals because to be honest this is where I see most people lacking in.

As a personal trainer what a lot of gym goers don’t know is that the starting position in ab work is one of the most important things you can do. I mean we just don’t flop on the ground and do sloppy leg raises and crunches, just like you wouldn’t go pick up some heavy weight with bad form in a deadlift… starting position in both cases is EXTREAMLY important. [Read more…]

Why you still don’t have abs.

This is part 1 of MANY that I’ll be doing dedicated towards PROPER core work 🙂


One of the most common questions that I get as a personal trainer is how can I get abs? I will say right off the bat that abs are built in the kitchen, you can NOT out train a bad diet, but this isn’t about the diet. This is about how I see many people doing crunch after crunch, leg raise after leg raise and not seeing anywhere near the development they want. So I apologize if this gets a bit nerdy but if you understand this you’ll be well on your way to getting those abs that you want.

What I’m about to share took me years to figure out; countless reps of crunches, leg lifts, sit-ups and other foolish ab exercises that I won’t even mention. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over a decade now and this information is over a decade’s worth of hard leaning.

Everyone wants them but how come they are so damn hard to develop!? With diet aside (though is my opinion its one of the MOST important figures in the abdominal equation), people are split up into two groups with ab work: first group does countless reps and spends hours a week on ab development. The second group hates doing them because of boredom or out of frustration because after being in group one they did not get the results they wanted. [Read more…]

A fat melting workout on a treadmill?!


I’ve always thought that treadmills are for gerbils… but I then remember this workout I’m about to show you.

I’ve been a victim of the cardio monotony for years at big health clubs, I was brought up that if you wanted to lose weight and get lean you had to spend hours a week to steady state heart rate training or low intensity heart rate intervals to get lean.

I would get on press the start button and go anywhere from 30-60min sometimes twice a day just to get that extra lean appearance that we all seek. Problem was I felt like I was wasting time and my workouts were taking too damn long! Heck when I was getting ready for some fitness events I could spend almost 3 hours a day in the gym!!! Now I love the gym but even I get sick of it after a while.

Plus what bothered me was I was losing weight but I started to lose valuable muscle as well. Towards the end I would usually cap out at around 8% body fat then I would notice that for every pound of fat that I lost I would lose nearly a pound of muscle. So great, I lost 10lbs but my body fat moved very minimally…

Finally I wised up and started implementing sprint training into my workouts and what a difference that made! 10-15min 2-3 times a week and I was leaner than ever and maintained if not had a slight increase in muscle mass! Yeah I no longer needed a treadmill!

There was a problem though…

I needed a sprint track and sometimes finding those could be difficult and if it was cold outside forget it. I mean I love the hard core rocky training principle but I hated slipping on ice when I was up north. Can’t run sprints with a busted knee.

The solution… a treadmill?


Well I was shown this principle a year back and I have implemented it not only into my workouts but teaching this to my clients as well. Its actually pretty simple 🙂

  • Do a 2-5min warm up (some need more or less depending on your day)
  • Increase your incline to a 12 (yes I said 12)
  • Pick a speed that on a scale of 1-10 is about a 7
  • Run for 30 sec
  • Straddle the treadmill and rest for 30sec
  • Repeat for 10min
  • Drop the speed and incline and walk for 2-3min


One thing that I want you to get over the is “I’m going to fall and eat my face if I take off on a moving treadmill” If you follow the video people I’ve shown you how to “peddle” your feet to get your pace down before you take off running.




The workout may seem quick and short but thats the point!

Just do this workout twice a week (anything more and you’ll stress your nervous system too much) and on your third day go do a steady state cardio workout for about 30min on anything that you want: elliptical, bike, swimming, etc…

**You can always change the interval  duration’s, 30 sec on 30 sec off. 45 sec on 15sec off.  15sec on 15sec off… its limitless!

***It may be easy for the first few rounds so you’ll think that you should increase the speed but DON’T, after about 5 or 6 intervals you’ll hate yourself for even thinking it 😉


Let me know what you think!



In Health and Fitness,




Travis Merritt, BS, CPT is the owner of Fitness Revolution in Rowlett, TX.

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Unspoken rules of the gym

Now this is the time of the year that the gym just explodes with people… resolutions! Time for all the people to come out of early hibernation to “lose the spare tire”, “lose this weight”, “get healthy”, the list goes on.

Depending on who you are and your outlook on this can be a good or bad thing. Good for gym owners, membership consultants, trainers, supplement companies and begin a trainer we usually get busy this time of the year, but I’ve got a few things to say to these people.


Unspoken rules of the gym

I say this as not only a trainer to educate you because sometimes you just don’t know and that’s ok, but also as a season gym goer that dreads the big influx of traffic at the gym. Now I don’t dread to see those individuals that are serious about making change and will continue to be here in three to six months down the road still busting their a$$, I love those people and would gladly trade sets with that person any day. What I don’t look forward to are the ones that won’t be here in February or people that give the rest of us dedicated gym athlete’s bad names from doing these things listed below.




Guys, stop ogling the girls

It’s natural to look at beautiful things but having your eyes glued to a girl trying to workout is going to make her uncomfortable and gets weird after a while. Let the lady workout with some privacy.


No seriously, stop ogling the girls

Yes this gets so bad I had to bring it up again, stop it your creepy bastard.







Girls don’t encourage the guys

Ladies if you dress like you’re going out instead of working out, go over flirt and stick butt out blatantly with a guy walks by he is going to stare… hell I see girls stare at that. Don’t get mad when that happens, and no I’m not using the statement/argument that “she was asking for it” there is a big difference and we know this.







If you sweat a lot carry a towel and wipe down your equipment

If you body was trying to get rid of it then I don’t want it. Your not at yoru mom’s house so clean up after yourselves.









If you can’t lift it correctly don’t do it

Unless you’re a power lifter, who’s training tactics require this, squatting with 500lbs a quarter ways down doesn’t count as lifting correctly, neither is trying to bench 400lbs with a spotter dead lifting the bar off your chest. Don’t ask me to spot you either if you’re doing this, I don’t want t lift your weight.










Use the equipment the way it is suppose to be used.

If you don’t know how to use the machine then ask a staff member or trainer, its better to be smart and safe. Now I’ll say this as well to seasoned gym rats… this rule follows the old adage no curling in the squat rack and don’t do dumbbell curls in front of the dumbbell rack… move over.







Rack your damn weight and put up your stuff

I hate hunting down dumbbells, kettlebells and anything else that I want to use when its not in the right place. If you had the strength to bring it over to where your at you have the strength to put it back up. This rule also applies to unracking the bench press, leg press or squat rack; the only exception is if you passed out from an awesome set. In that case I’ll understand and wake till you wake up for you to rack your weight back 😉 








Don’t drop the dumbbells

Sometimes that stuff is heavy, I get it. Hell you may even need to bail on some heavy weight I understand that, but needless dropping just to garnish attention to your herculean efforts how much you were lifting makes you look like a neanderthal… if you lift it lower it. (I do understand that some gyms you need to drop the weights but the weights are made to do this… i.e. bumper plates)







Unless your name is Arnold Schwarzenegger, don’t get unsolicited workout advice.

UNLESS you see someone about to SERIOUSLY hurt themselves.










String take tops don’t count as shirts

Sleeveless is ok, but this is for those guys that wear shirts with have the side missing from them but is held together by a small two inch piece of fabric at the bottom so their abs show. You would never buy a shirt like that and if you do hand over your humanity card now.






Maybelline does not have a gym line

Gotcha, you just came off work that makes sense. This is for those women who get all dolled up just for the gym, you come here to get sweaty not pretty. Stop trying so hard






It’s ok to grunt, yelling is not

We all understand grunting but quit screaming like a banshee to garnish attention to your workout… it’s annoying.








Stop eye-ballin’ me

Just because you wear Affliction clothing or have taken one or two MMA classes does not make you a bad a$$, and this is a gym NOT a UFC arena. If you acted that way at the MMA gym you would get your butt handed to you, no one that takes martial arts seriously acts that way.








Just because she made eye contact does NOT mean she wants to talk

This isn’t a bar or night club, eye contact doesn’t mean the same thing here as it would a night on the town. Just because she smiles at you does NOT mean anything, you happen to be in her line of sight and THATS IT. Not every girl wants you, Casanova








Quit comparing yourself to everyone in the gym

The workouts are about you and no one else, no one cares if you can or can not out run or out lift the guy next to you or across the gym. Who cares if your stronger or weaker than the person next to you, just come in and work hard and let everyone else do the same.





Don’t laugh at the overweight person

This one really gets me… we all started somewhere you did to. They are in here just like everyone else and frankly I have lot of respect for them because they are 10x the athlete than that hyena laughing in the corner. They have more guts that you will ever have.







Flex in the mirror at home  

It fun to see yourself all pumped up, I’m guilty of that as well, but don’t do a total pose down after ever set. It gets annoying.







Get off your cell phone

Gotta take a call? I get it. Having a full blown covo on what bar you where at last night sitting on the bench I’m waiting on is annoying. Take your phone call elsewhere or get to work.







Wear appropriate clothing

This can piggy back along with rule #10 but for both guys and girls I don’t want anything popping out to say hello at me when you squat or bending over.










Don’t be that stinky guy at the gym.

What!? You mean I need to shower before coming to sweat!? Not necessarily, but you come here to sweat and stink so if you already have a b.o. problem please do everyone a favor and AT LEAST put on some deodorant or body spray.










The list could go on and I did kinda poke fun a some people but honestly even though we joke about this alot but we don’t want to be around it. If you are doing any of this… stop.



In Health and Fitness,




Travis Merritt, BS, CPT is the owner of Fitness Revolution in Rowlett, TX.

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4 lessons from 2011

4 things I have taken away from fitness in 2011


Increasing Strength:

Now I’ve used bands in the past and have to admit that I’ve always notice an improvement in my performance in the gym but just chalked it up that hell if I do ANYTHING different I’ll notice improvement. Well always in a continued effort to find better ways to garnish better results I really started diving deep into band training, even obtaining a Resistance Band Coaching Cert, but through continued education and implication I was shocked at the amount of improvement that not only I received but my clients received in their strength training. I’m not talking only about attaching the band to free weights for speed work (i.e. speed bench press, squats, etc…) but just using the band by itself without and dumbbell or barbell attachment.

The misconception that has been adopted by a lot of the gym culture is that band training is only an afterthought, its for fine tuning and rehab work. Some bands do fit that nich but I do have bands that are over 200lb in resistance, trust me do presses and squats with that and that will demolish your body and you’ll still an amazing return on your strength training back under the iron. Truly in my opinion one of the most UNDERRATED gym tools for garnishing INCREASE FAT LOSS, INCREASE MUSCLAR GROWTH AND TONE AND INCREASED REAL WORLD STRENGTH.

I’ll dedicate a blog in the future to band training because trust me this little post doesn’t even starch the surface of all the positive benefits I’ve seen my clients get with band training.


Fat Loss:

We all know that nutrition is king with fat loss, so this is more about what can be done in the gym for fat loss. I’ll touch on nutrition in a bit.

My big take away this year is PROPER (and I stress the word “proper”) HIIT workouts or High Intensity Interval Training. If you have been in the gym culture for any length of time I’m confident that you have heard of this and maybe even implemented it in your training regimen. The mistake that I’ve seen over the years is the abuse of this concept, in fact I can think of a number of popular work out trends that abuse this principle more than anything else but I won’t go there lol.

The whole point of HIIT is quick bouts of exercise followed by a short rest done back to back for a specified time frame, this is suppose to take fat loss up to another world compared to long steady cardio workouts. Just look at why a sprinter is so much leaner than a marathon runner even though the marathon runner does SO much more volume of work compared to a sprinter. Now if done right I’ve seen bodyfat levels drop almost daily, but so many people don’t really understand how this system really works.

It’s too easy to over train yourself or a client over taxing the nervous system with this concept and lose that fat loss benefit; in addition most people don’t understand how hard they really need to work to hit those required intensities.

Not to leave you empty handed if you need a workout that gives you an idea refer back to this blog post last week and look at #7 <—- take a look!

Over the coming months I’ll do more blogs about how to correctly implement this and see amazing improvements in fat loss.


Muscle Building:

Ahhhhh, fat loss and muscle building combinations… the holy grail of most gym rats everywhere. I’ve played around with different theories and principles for years trying to not only find what works best for me but my clients as well. The big take away this year is a principle called undulating density. What this is in laymen terms is the constant change in rep ranges for muscle hypertrophy (building).

Muscle hypertrophy is mostly a result of work in rep ranges of 8-12 (there is a lot of variably of rep ranges with everyone here, I know, but for today let’s keep it basic). I’m sure that most of you are saying to yourself Ok Travis, I know this. Just about every gym rat knows this; what’s so special here? Well if it was that simple as in just working out in the 8-12 rep rang you would have the growth you want, wouldn’t you? Of course it’s not always that simple.

Undulating density

Without getting too detailed and an information overload look at it this way…

Week 1: Rep range of 6

Week 2: Rep Range of 15

Week 3: Rep Range of 10

Week 4: Active Recovery

Looks simple but if you just skim over this post and don’t check back up later for the full detailed program then you’re going to miss what really makes this tick. The point is that you need to vary your rep ranges on a weekly basis and in the following month BEAT your number (that’s where this thing becomes a beast). I’m sure this may not seem overly exciting but how many people or you stick with the same rep range and wonder why after only a few workouts you stop seeing results… I’ve been guilty of it over time.

Trust me on this, give it a shot for a few months and I PROMISE you still a difference. One last thing: you need to WORK AND BUST YOUR BUTT this doesn’t happen unless you really pushed it.

Key points to take away:

  • Keep a training journal and track your weights (this alone will make your life much easier)
  • Change the exercise ONLY after you’ve peaked at the results for that time frame. Other words if you stopped seeing change and noticed you’re not getting stronger then MOVE ON!


As I say in each one of these points each lesson really deserves its own article or big blog post so check back up later on to see the full detailed plan.



This field is constantly changing and improving year after year, in some cases you can see changes with recommendations of nutrients almost monthly coming from research journals.

My big take away this year was really getting a better understanding of food intolerances. What really blew my mind was how many of my clients had a food intolerance but never even knew! The last statics I read about this was that about 60% of Americans have a food intolerance and don’t even know.

When most people think of food intolerance they instantly think of lactose or gluten intolerance among others. Now a food intolerance doesn’t have to be just milk, bread or nuts but it can consist of other surprisingly healthy foods as well.

If you are unsure if you have a food intolerance symptoms to look for can range from IBS, feeling puffy or bloated after a meal, acne, mood swings, achy joints, puffy cheeks, lethargy… honestly the list can go on. So here is what I want you to do. Just look back over the course of the past few weeks and see if you had eaten ANYTHING and not too long afterwards you felt “off” or noticed any of the above symptoms (this can take up to a few hours till you notice anything).

If you say eat pasta and notice about an hour later you feel pregnant then that’s your body’s way of telling you that SOMETHING in that food it did not like! So what happens is that your body has to take care of this low level allergy reaction and can’t dedicate it time to processing the food and burning fat like we want.

You’re not supposed to feel bad after eating food; so if you notice that after you eat a certain food you get puffy then STOP! Promise you notice that you’ll lose fat pretty quickly after that.



I can see that I’ll need to do several blog post over each topic above so check back but if you want more updates please add your e-mail to our news letter HERE <—– Click on the link



In Health and Fitness,




Travis Merritt, BS, CPT is the owner of Fitness Revolution in Rowlett, TX.

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Top 10 questions I get as a trainer

10 of the most common questions I get asked as a personal trainer

After doing this blog post I feel that over the coming months I’ll need to dedicate a blog or two to each question, what you see below is just scratching the surface. If you have any others that you have leave a comment below!

1. Can you just give me a routine?

Me: (Now I have mixed feelings about this). My usual answer to this is “no”, and its really for the big reason that I don’t know anything about that person. I don’t know their movement patterns, background and health history, their comfort level with exercise, do they even know what exercise I’m talking about and even if I do show them will they continue to perform it correctly? Here is what I usually tell this person: I do wish it was as easy as writing a program for you but I don’t know enough about you and a program HAS to evolve with your needs over a period of time. Not all programs are created equal and not all fit everyone BUT I never leave anyone emptied handed so here is one below that I feel is a good starter for most beginners looking to add some muscle (or tone for the ladies) and lose bodyfat.

2. I need to work my core, what’s the best exercise?

Me: Do you want to get it stronger for something in particular or do you want to have abs showing?

  • If you want have your abs showing then do cardio and eat cleaner
  • If you want to have a strong core, do the ab wheel
  • If you want both… well do both of the above 😛

3. Do I have to drink those protein drinks?

Me: Well I do recommend it to most people for the sole reason is that you need protein to not only build muscle, but to help with fat loss (yes protein helps you lose fat), it helps with nervous system function, just to name a few things. Whey protein is the most common after workout protein there is and it gets into the blood stream to the muscles MUCH faster than anything else. Now you can skip a workout shake but I have had clients that I have made consume them right after our workouts and I can say every one of them notices a big difference in the way they look and feel. In my opinion, if you don’t your missing out on a key part of you getting the results that you want. Not all are nasty there are some quite good ones out there 🙂

Here are the ones I personally use:

4. Is there a pill, like a fat burner, that I can take to help lose weight?

Me: The best fat burners only give you about a 6-7% edge in your fat loss and they all say that this MUST be done with a proper workout and diet plan. So if you don’t work out you may lose a pound or two but then put it back on next week. If you are doing everything right then you may notice a slight increase in your fat loss ability, but keep in mind what got you to lose those pounds in the first place was clean eating and busting your butt in the gym not a magic pill.

5. Can’t I just workout 20 or 30min three times a week?

Me: If it was that easy you would have done it already then. This answer is a double edge sword but yes and no you can work out 20min three times a week and reach your goals (your particular goal is a big factor in my answer on this one). SOME people can and it totally depends on their understanding of their own body, do they have movement disorders, have they worked out before, do they have good neural recruitment patterns, etc… If they are in tune with their body then yes they can, but if you have never worked out before then probably not. I AM NOT SAYING THAT YOU WON’T SEE RESULTS because you will, but you may not look like that bowflex model.  An example that I used recently was is that lets say your back in school and you’ve been assigned to write a 5 page paper. Now if you were in 5th grade this may take you a week, but if you’re in college you may knock this out in an hour; your experience is a big factor. The same principle applies to working out.

6. Do I need to cut our carbs before bed?

Me: Depends on your bed time and depends on the type of carbs. To keep this simple I would recommend to stop eating complex carbs in your last meal and instead have vegetables, yes they are a carb but they won’t spike the insulin like some grains and other carbs would. Understand without specific goals and variables answers can vary. So whatever your last meal would be just have an extra serving of veggies, this will fill you up and help with fat loss.

7. How much cardio do I need to do?

Me: Just like anything else the answers can vary from person to person and goal to goal. My general recommendation for starters is 4 days a week, two days of steady state cardio and two days in higher intensity interval cardio. If we were to have a scale of 1-10 in intensity (10 being the highest) you would want your steady state to be at a 5 or 6 on that 1-10 scale. You know you’re working out but you can keep going for a bit of time. I would generally recommend this for 30min. On the other two days I would want two days of interval training. Do a warm up of 10min at your typical steady state then immediately after that alternate between 8 and 5 (on our 1-10 scale) for 30sec a piece. So do 30sec at an intensity level of 8 then 30sec at an intensity level of 5. Do this back and forth for 7-10 min. You’ll notice a big difference.

8. If I lift heavy weight won’t I get “bulky”? (This is mostly from the women)

Me: 99% of women don’t produce enough testosterone to garnish the same muscle growth as men, and don’t even think that you’re the 1% who does because you would have been diagnosed and on medications at an early age. For me to get a female “bulky” we would need some pharmaceutical help AKA anabolic steroids and lots of time. The women that you see with masculine figures trained themselves like that, it didn’t happen by accident. Other words they didn’t go to bed with 28% body fat then wake up the next morning looking the way they do. Have no worries ladies it won’t happen. From my experience the harder and heavier I train a female client the more shapely and tone they get.

9. What’s the best exercise to get rid of this inner thigh fat and bring my butt off the back of my legs? (Another common one I get from the ladies… but guys should pay attention)

Me: Fat distribution patterns are different per person, some carry it around their legs, some their hips, others lower abs and back. Unfortunately that is genetic and something that we can’t change, but to get rid of the inner thigh fat you need to lose body fat and build your legs. I would recommend looking at my sexy leg video series for my recommendation on the best leg exercises, increase you cardio and if not already begin eating very clean. If you do that you will notice a visible difference in how your legs look in a matter of weeks.

A sample exercise routine would look like:

10. If I stop working out won’t all my muscle turn to fat?

Me: It is biochemically impossible for muscle to turn to fat, they are two completely separate substances. It would be the equivalent of turning silver into gold, can’t be done. What you may think is that if you go for a long period of time (3+ weeks) without working out, the muscle just loses it’s tone, and eventually the muscle will leave all together. You don’t use it you’ll lose it.








In Health and Fitness,




Travis Merritt, BS, CPT is the owner of Fitness Revolution in Rowlett, TX.

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Are you apart of a fad?


In the fitness industry we see a number of fads and people running over to conform to them thinking or hoping that this will be the secret to their fitness goals, and if you’re NOT part of the new fad then you’re missing out, your weird, you’re not normal (I’m being sarcastic).

Remember Tae Bo?

Being a trainer I’ve seen so many of these people go back and forth between exercise fads never solving their fitness  problem. I mean sure they lose a few pounds and see a bit of improvement in the first week or two but of course you’re going to because it’s a brand new stimulus for your body!

Fads in the fitness industry are simply short term marvels that offer profits quickly but don’t do a company much good once the fad dies down, this doesn’t have to be exclusively in the fitness industry but I’m sure you get my point. The problem is that once the masses have tried out the fad, or now that everyone has it then all of a sudden it dies off and no one wants it any more.

Unfortunately in the fitness industry we see A LOT of them. Usually they are a quick rich scheme that offer a quick but temporary small change, but then dies off quickly leaving a person with broken promises and usually right back to where they were in the first place. The reason this ticks off so many fitness professionals is that we can see through this bull sh** and realize it’s those fads usually end up hurting more people than helping, in a lot of cases not only physically but mentally.

What ever happened with Furby?

In fact right now I’m working with someone that got into a very popular at home work out DVD and in the first 10min of the workout this person completely tore their ACL and needed surgery and rehab. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of this happening and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

So how can we tell if it’s a fad? I usually base it on hype and marketing. If all of a sudden you see a brand new method or product with this over the top hype and marketing. Late night infomercials with men with picture perfect six packs and bikini models looking like they’re not even breaking a sweat while the do whatever the hell the product is about and if you do exactly what they are doing for 5min a day for 30, 60 or 90 days you’ll look exactly like them, no longer be balding, can get into size 0, get the job you want and can take extravagant vacations to exotic locations and have the sex appeal of Brad Pitt or Angelia Joile.

Real breakthrough products or methods typically come unannounced and sneak up on you. I feel this is usually do to in part the creator constantly on working to improve the quality of their product instead of worrying about if they can get on the 5:00pm new with marching bands to help with sales.

Sorry for the rant but I’m pretty passionate about a lot of the fad BS that goes on in our world.

Not to completely hate on all fads because SOME do have some valid tips so here is what I recommend, do what feels best for your body. Feel free to explore the fad and maybe you’ll learn something new from it that can supplement your training but don’t drop everything just to do what everyone else is doing.



I read this on a friend’s facebook post the other day and his remark was spot on… “solid”

“If you truly expect to realize your dreams, abandon the need for blanket approval. If conforming to everyone’s expectations is the number one goal, you have sacrificed your uniqueness, and therefore your excellence.” – Hope Solo (current starting goal keeper for the United States Women’s National Soccer Team)  










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Travis Merritt, BS, CPT is the owner of Fitness Revolution in Rowlett, TX.

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