Your Excuse is Invalid

*I must say that when I wrote this I was not concerned about formatting, just a rant*

No Excuses - Fitness Revolution RowlettExcuses Make You Fat

This previous weekend I was out away from my home gym and decided to grab a few workouts at popular big box gym and it brought back some memories of some people that I use to train and work out along side that truly blew all excuses out of the water.

When I was about 18-19 I use to workout at this hole in the wall gym (Texas Gym) and I loved it! Some of the hardest workouts to this day were at that place due to the fact there was so much energy, testosterone and no BS attitude that just oozed out of that place. I could go all day and tell you stories of how hard and crazy those workouts were but what impressed me the most about that place is that no one there tolerated excuses. [Read more…]

Biceps Like a Gymnast

Fitness Revolution Gymnast BicepsThis is dedicated a bit more to my ‘meat head’ readers, those that just love big showy muscles… I’m one of them! lol

About every four years the Olympics roll around and one of the big eye catches is the physiques of the elite athletes. The v-tapers of the swimmers, low bodyfat levels of a sprinter and for all those muscle heads out there the arms of a gymnast.

In my opinion gymnast have the strongest biceps pound for pound than any other competitive sport and what’s crazy is that these guys don’t lift a damn dumbbell!

What do they do though is hang from the rings hours a day.

Now what most guys really don’t comprehend is that the biceps work alongside the muscles of the forearms and upper back, but majority of bicep exercises and machines are designed to take those out of the equation and focus strictly on bicep movement. To help explain that concept better it’s like just doing leg extensions to build impressive legs instead of squats or lunges. [Read more…]

4 lessons from 2011

4 things I have taken away from fitness in 2011


Increasing Strength:

Now I’ve used bands in the past and have to admit that I’ve always notice an improvement in my performance in the gym but just chalked it up that hell if I do ANYTHING different I’ll notice improvement. Well always in a continued effort to find better ways to garnish better results I really started diving deep into band training, even obtaining a Resistance Band Coaching Cert, but through continued education and implication I was shocked at the amount of improvement that not only I received but my clients received in their strength training. I’m not talking only about attaching the band to free weights for speed work (i.e. speed bench press, squats, etc…) but just using the band by itself without and dumbbell or barbell attachment.

The misconception that has been adopted by a lot of the gym culture is that band training is only an afterthought, its for fine tuning and rehab work. Some bands do fit that nich but I do have bands that are over 200lb in resistance, trust me do presses and squats with that and that will demolish your body and you’ll still an amazing return on your strength training back under the iron. Truly in my opinion one of the most UNDERRATED gym tools for garnishing INCREASE FAT LOSS, INCREASE MUSCLAR GROWTH AND TONE AND INCREASED REAL WORLD STRENGTH.

I’ll dedicate a blog in the future to band training because trust me this little post doesn’t even starch the surface of all the positive benefits I’ve seen my clients get with band training.


Fat Loss:

We all know that nutrition is king with fat loss, so this is more about what can be done in the gym for fat loss. I’ll touch on nutrition in a bit.

My big take away this year is PROPER (and I stress the word “proper”) HIIT workouts or High Intensity Interval Training. If you have been in the gym culture for any length of time I’m confident that you have heard of this and maybe even implemented it in your training regimen. The mistake that I’ve seen over the years is the abuse of this concept, in fact I can think of a number of popular work out trends that abuse this principle more than anything else but I won’t go there lol.

The whole point of HIIT is quick bouts of exercise followed by a short rest done back to back for a specified time frame, this is suppose to take fat loss up to another world compared to long steady cardio workouts. Just look at why a sprinter is so much leaner than a marathon runner even though the marathon runner does SO much more volume of work compared to a sprinter. Now if done right I’ve seen bodyfat levels drop almost daily, but so many people don’t really understand how this system really works.

It’s too easy to over train yourself or a client over taxing the nervous system with this concept and lose that fat loss benefit; in addition most people don’t understand how hard they really need to work to hit those required intensities.

Not to leave you empty handed if you need a workout that gives you an idea refer back to this blog post last week and look at #7 <—- take a look!

Over the coming months I’ll do more blogs about how to correctly implement this and see amazing improvements in fat loss.


Muscle Building:

Ahhhhh, fat loss and muscle building combinations… the holy grail of most gym rats everywhere. I’ve played around with different theories and principles for years trying to not only find what works best for me but my clients as well. The big take away this year is a principle called undulating density. What this is in laymen terms is the constant change in rep ranges for muscle hypertrophy (building).

Muscle hypertrophy is mostly a result of work in rep ranges of 8-12 (there is a lot of variably of rep ranges with everyone here, I know, but for today let’s keep it basic). I’m sure that most of you are saying to yourself Ok Travis, I know this. Just about every gym rat knows this; what’s so special here? Well if it was that simple as in just working out in the 8-12 rep rang you would have the growth you want, wouldn’t you? Of course it’s not always that simple.

Undulating density

Without getting too detailed and an information overload look at it this way…

Week 1: Rep range of 6

Week 2: Rep Range of 15

Week 3: Rep Range of 10

Week 4: Active Recovery

Looks simple but if you just skim over this post and don’t check back up later for the full detailed program then you’re going to miss what really makes this tick. The point is that you need to vary your rep ranges on a weekly basis and in the following month BEAT your number (that’s where this thing becomes a beast). I’m sure this may not seem overly exciting but how many people or you stick with the same rep range and wonder why after only a few workouts you stop seeing results… I’ve been guilty of it over time.

Trust me on this, give it a shot for a few months and I PROMISE you still a difference. One last thing: you need to WORK AND BUST YOUR BUTT this doesn’t happen unless you really pushed it.

Key points to take away:

  • Keep a training journal and track your weights (this alone will make your life much easier)
  • Change the exercise ONLY after you’ve peaked at the results for that time frame. Other words if you stopped seeing change and noticed you’re not getting stronger then MOVE ON!


As I say in each one of these points each lesson really deserves its own article or big blog post so check back up later on to see the full detailed plan.



This field is constantly changing and improving year after year, in some cases you can see changes with recommendations of nutrients almost monthly coming from research journals.

My big take away this year was really getting a better understanding of food intolerances. What really blew my mind was how many of my clients had a food intolerance but never even knew! The last statics I read about this was that about 60% of Americans have a food intolerance and don’t even know.

When most people think of food intolerance they instantly think of lactose or gluten intolerance among others. Now a food intolerance doesn’t have to be just milk, bread or nuts but it can consist of other surprisingly healthy foods as well.

If you are unsure if you have a food intolerance symptoms to look for can range from IBS, feeling puffy or bloated after a meal, acne, mood swings, achy joints, puffy cheeks, lethargy… honestly the list can go on. So here is what I want you to do. Just look back over the course of the past few weeks and see if you had eaten ANYTHING and not too long afterwards you felt “off” or noticed any of the above symptoms (this can take up to a few hours till you notice anything).

If you say eat pasta and notice about an hour later you feel pregnant then that’s your body’s way of telling you that SOMETHING in that food it did not like! So what happens is that your body has to take care of this low level allergy reaction and can’t dedicate it time to processing the food and burning fat like we want.

You’re not supposed to feel bad after eating food; so if you notice that after you eat a certain food you get puffy then STOP! Promise you notice that you’ll lose fat pretty quickly after that.



I can see that I’ll need to do several blog post over each topic above so check back but if you want more updates please add your e-mail to our news letter HERE <—– Click on the link



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