6 Tips for Those That Workout First Thing in The Morning

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Those than train early in the morning are a special kind of breed. Not everyone can train in the morning and, shooting you straight, not everyone SHOULD train in the morning. Training ins the mornings isn’t ideal but somedays though you just can’t help it

Most people would rather wake up, drink a cup of coffee, get in breakfast and slowly warm up throughout the morning before they skipped off to do their workout but that schedule doesn’t work for everyone.

If you’re one of those people that train, or is going to have to train, within an hour of waking up here are some tips to make sure you still get the most out of the session WITHOUT getting hurt.

Side note: During the colder months I’ve seen a slight increase in strains and injuries for those that workout in the morning, could be just a coincidence. Regardless this is why we make our early morning clients do a bit more in regards to a warm up.


One: Hot shower as soon as you wake up

May seem silly since as soon as your done your going to have to shower again but you body has been at rest for the past 6-8hours, cold and stiff. As soon as you wake up go to the bathroom and get in a hot shower, the kind that might make you sweat a little bit. This will help warm up the body, the CNS, and get blood flow going before that early morning session. The warmer you are before you start the less likely you are to get hurt and the more likely you will have an awesome workout.

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Get that sexy leg on!

I’ve decided to do something a bit different for today; I shot a video on the proper way to lunge. Which if anyone knows my training you know I’m a big fan of single leg work… most notably walking lunges!

I will argue that lunging, in some ways, is better than squatting and gives the body a well proportioned leg development. Not to mention I feel that in some ways its has a lot more benefits to everyday real life activities than heavy squatting.

***Now I’m not knocking the squat because I do them in just about every lower body workout!***


Take a look and tell me what you think!



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