Some of My Favorite Building Exercises

We don't use machines, we build them.

“What exercise should I do to build (points to random body part) this muscle?”

This is one of the more common questions I get as a trainer because after a while the people asking this feel they have tried just about every exercise on their own and are looking for something else.

Now here at Fitness Revolution Rowlett we tend to focus on getting individuals to get better at big motions because we feel that this is what delivers great results when it comes to aesthetics; but it’s not to say that we don’t want to continue to bring up other “showy” muscles 😉

So I went on a bit of a video bender here and shot TWO of a favorite exercises to help build each particular body part. I must admit though that I do have about a dozen that I love to use but it all depends on the person and their specific goals. [Read more…]

Are you too FAT to gain muscle?

off season bodybuilder - Fitness Revolution RowlettEver heard of a “bulking phase”? This is where you see some gym rat that goes into a massive eating overdrive for a sole purpose of a caloric surplus to help with gaining muscle. Typically these people will gain anywhere from 20lbs to the excess of 50lbs during their time. I myself have done this where I had put on over 25lbs in a 4 month time frame.  Then after this bulking phase you diet down for the summer months to reveal all this new ripped muscle.

Come on – we have all seen or in some cases experimented with this tactic ourselves.

It originates from the bodybuilder eras of an “off-season” and “pre-contest” mindset. Remember, we as humans tend to think in the extremes, and you’ll see these bodybuilders put on some MASSIVE lbs during their off season but when they diet down they have now added some new muscle to show off on stage. The whole reasoning behind this is that it’s too difficult for the body to add a significant amount of muscle when we are not in a caloric surplus state, so if we REALLY eat we can just flood our bodies with ample calories and cause this growth spurt of muscle. [Read more…]