Some of My Favorite Building Exercises

We don't use machines, we build them.

“What exercise should I do to build (points to random body part) this muscle?”

This is one of the more common questions I get as a trainer because after a while the people asking this feel they have tried just about every exercise on their own and are looking for something else.

Now here at Fitness Revolution Rowlett we tend to focus on getting individuals to get better at big motions because we feel that this is what delivers great results when it comes to aesthetics; but it’s not to say that we don’t want to continue to bring up other “showy” muscles 😉

So I went on a bit of a video bender here and shot TWO of a favorite exercises to help build each particular body part. I must admit though that I do have about a dozen that I love to use but it all depends on the person and their specific goals. [Read more…]

7 Shoulder Saving Tips

shoulder savers - Fitness Revolution Rowlett

Why do I work on shoulders so much? Well, if you bust your knee you can still train upper body, BUT if you mess up your shoulder then you’re just about done in the gym.

The more shoulders I see, the more I realize that the bitch of the matter is fixing them when they are busted. Usually this is because the majority of the time it’s a learned movement pattern that has to be broken and re-taught. This blog is for those people that THINK they are starting to notice a slight twinge in that area. If you feel the twinge, then trust me… stop.

Below are some tips that I have accumulated to help keep those shoulders healthy so you don’t have to suffer though the aches and annoyances of feeling hindered while you have to let yourself heal.

If you are already having some shoulder pain I would recommend taking a look at this first: Shoulder Pain

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Shoulder Pain?


Time for me to nerd out for a bit hereshoulder pain - Fitness Revolution Rowlett

Over the course of time I’ve been having more and more people coming to Fitness Revolution looking for questions on how to heal their shoulders. I have seen more shoulder dysfunctions this month that almost all of last year, is there something in the water here?

Regardless of the client or the case, I always do more research just to make sure that I can help this person get back to full functioning health as fast as we can. All this research has led me to become a bit more proficient in shoulder rehab and PREHAB work. [Read more…]

Jessica 100lbs?! No way…


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