My personal experience with skipping breakfast (pics included)

Breakfast sucks

I’ve said it once and I’ll continue to beat this in the ground that for fat loss eating upon waking up does not work for you trying to lose body fat.

I’ve even argued that eating every 3-4 hours isn’t necessary for fat loss either.

I know that this may go against a lot of main stream fitness media but hey if all that really worked we would see alot more lean gym rats than bloated puff balls with muscle.

This blog is really just to document my personal experience with skipping breakfast and just taking a break from eating on occasion.


Breakfast sucks

Month 1

Here is my back before I started this journey. Why am I taking progress pics of my back? Well to be honest my back is where I will see any progress first so this would be best and quickest way to asses this new style of eating.

In this pic was eating a typical bodybuilder style of eating at this point consuming 5-6 meals a day or eating every two to three hours working out 5 days a week with only two days of cardio. You can see that I do have some foundation there but not really any clean details or lines.

This was especially frustrating to me at this point in time because I lived by my meals and the clock, so it was ALWAYS on my mind. I’m sure some of you can relate to this.

In fact it’s the frustration that led me to take this step into this new style of eating.

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Champion Core Series Level 5

Even though its not December, still a cool ab shot

Hard to believe that we are already at level 5! This level is for those that have really gone through and mastered the previous four levels and by this point in time you should notice that you have a significant improvement in your mind/muscle connection with your abdominal wall, remember that’s the main principle behind the previous 3 levels.

One thing that you will notice is that in this level I’ve really started to focus on the “crunch”. Reason why? I can assure you that you have a much better mind muscle connection with your upper abs than your lower and spending a few weeks taking advantage of this and start building more of a ‘pop’ to your upper abs; this can really carry over to the next and final level.

Side note: The crunch is typically initiated by the upper abdominal but if you really want to test your abdominal wall coordination start initiating the crunch with the mid to LOWER abdominal. If you can do this your feel a whole new world in your ab training! [Read more…]

Champion Core Series: Level 4


Level 4 is Here!

Ok, so if you’ve made it this far in your routine then you should notice that by this point in time, if you have mastered the previous three levels of training, that your abdominal development should be picking up.  Assuming that you don’t have copious amounts of insulation over them you should be able to feel the ridges in your abdominal wall and some developing in your oblique’s.

Level 4 really starts to scratch the surface of some of the advanced work that about to come! So you’ll notice that the exercises are beginning to get more difficult and a feeling of the need to “get stronger” begins to become more prevlaint

You see with the two three levels you may have noticed that the primary focus was just neural coordination or other words what is commonly known at the mind muscle connection.

Level three came around and by then you become to feel a bit of burn in your ab training due to the increased mind muscle connection but you may still have to had think pretty hard about really making the abs work.

So here are the two new exercises that make level 4 really start to stand out. [Read more…]

Champion Core Series Level 2


Now on to level 2!


I’ll keep this a bit short and sweet because the only real difference between level 1 and level 2 workouts is the addition of a bent knee leg raise.

The reason that we are going with a bent knee is that by this point in time you should be able to have a little bit more basic control over your abdominal wall and we need to turn it up a notch WITHOUT going too far outside your level of control. [Read more…]