Strong is Hot

So you want to be strong and look good while doing lifting it.Strong is Hot - Fitness Revolution Rowlett

I have yet to have anyone complain to me that they were too strong and honestly who wouldn’t want to be strong enough to do just about anything that life throws at them.

Now the question comes up… how do you get ‘strong’?

Well the solution sounds easy doesn’t’ it; just lift more weight every time and you’ll get strong, but really how many people are doing that on a consistent basis?

Are you breaking records every week?

Are you where you want to be in strength or at least are you well on your way?


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Scary Stuff

scared - Fitness Revolution RowlettThe stuff that scares you the most is the stuff you should be doing first.

Normally I don’t deviate too far away from topics of fitness and health but I just had a big wakeup call recently that really caused me to take action on something that I have been terrified of for the past 6 months.

What that is I’ll save for a later blog but I realized how this closely relates to workouts.

One of the most dreadful work outs my clients have is when there is a lower body focused day or when we have to work to correct their weaknesses.

We always want to train our strengths, that’s fun, but correcting our weaknesses or areas of improvements is… well not fun and sometimes downright scary! It hurts and breaks down our tender egos that we have worked so hard to build along with our bodies.

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Tham’s Experience

Tham's experience with a personal trainer

In October 2011, a close friend enrolled in an Anytime Fitness membership. After noticing improvement in just two weeks, this motivated me to also join. She then referred me to Travis Merritt, her personal trainer. Through his holistic system, I have definitely met my goals. [Read more…]

Hormones and Fat Loss

Over the years the fitness industry has continued to make leaps and bounds on physique manipulation, performance enhancement, weight loss and overall health. ONE thing though stands out among the rest that I would have to say is the most researched and sought out science.

Fat Loss

Fat loss is arguably the number one reason most people come to the gym and what most people look do accomplish. I know that you could say weight loss but, come on people think of weight loss they think of getting rid of their gut or thighs not water weight.

When even I meet someone that’s primary goal is to get lean and drop all the extra insulation I typically go through a series of assessments to determine where there primary problem with fat loss is. Most commonly is just unhealthy lifestyle BUT for others there is a bit more to the story. [Read more…]