Who said I had to eat 6 meals?

Steve Reeves - Why six meals a day - Fitness Revolution RowlettWhere did 6 meals a day come from?

I mean does anyone really know?

We’ve been told for as long as we can remember that you’re supposed to eat 6 small meals a day, or eat small frequent meals throughout the day, eat every three hours, etc…

BUT the question remains… says who? Who came up with this rule?

Well,  if you were to Google it you would come across a bunch of self-proclaimed gurus or beginner gym rats that state this so matter-of-factly, but honestly I’m a bit skeptical to believe anyone that doesn’t provide some bio, credentials or testimonials that support them being a legit professional.

The majority of the info comes from magazines, such as Muscle and Fiction, or other media sources.

The most popular forms of media that cite or claim references do what is known as data mining; in other words they look to summarize an entire study or article in one or two sentences that support the media’s claim and in doing so they completely misinterpret the results or the purpose of the journal article.

There is a funny thing about media – even if it’s not true, if it’s published enough times it becomes true, no matter how silly the idea is. [Read more…]

Last min holiday gifts for those fitness buffs

Hey, sometimes we don’t know what to get people and we need some last min ideas. Here is what I personally recommend… in fact I hope to get some of these this holiday season (wink wink) 🙂


1. Resistance Bands – Any of my clients that have worked with me know that I’m a HUGH believer in resistance  band training. Why? Bands just put stress on the body in ways that gravity or free weights can’t, helps reduce injury time, helps prevent injury, more versatile than free weights (come on I have bands that go up to 200lbs, beats the hell out of carrying a 200lb weight were ever I go), the list can go on. Get a pair and I promise you can’t go wrong. Resistance Band Training <—- Click on the link





2. Foam Roller – If you haven’t found out about this secret to proper warm up and tissue quality then my friend you are missing something that will change your life in training… I’m not exaggerating about that claim either. Just trust me on this, it is the best investment that you can do.        Perform Better Foam Rollers



3. TRX System – Want to bring the workouts to another level? Suspension training is an amazing way to maximize bodyweight training in angles that can’t be done anywhere else. If you don’t believe me on this look at a gymnast and you’ll see what I’m talking about 😉  



4. Prograde Supplements – I won’t tell you how important proper supplementation is to training because I’m sure that you’ve heard it and frankly I could rant all day. One of the best supplement companies I’ve used and I highly recommend it. Feel free to e-mail me if you want my personal recommendation on what you should start with.          Prograde Supplements






5. Personal Training – I’m a trainer you knew that I was going to plug this in the list lol! On a serious note a few sessions with a good trainer can make the world of difference when it comes to someone’s workout. We can tailor workouts and exercises to fit that person’s needs and really cut the learning curve down exponentially which can save
you sooooooooo much frustration. For more info send an e-mail to Travis@fitnessrevolutionrowlett.com









6. Food – Yes you read that correctly, I said food. Not just any food of course but healthy food for those healthy nutrition buffs. Sometimes the biggest hassle with that is the preparation of course but I have been using a company for the past few months and these people have it down! I’ll have more articles about this on down the road but they will have you a month’s supply of prepared, healthy, good tasting (I’m serious about that too) food to you the next day! As a fitness buff this just awesome! Click On this Link!!!!







7. Massage – Recovery is just as important part of an exercise regime as the gym work, in a lot of cases proper recovery is even MORE important. How do I figure that? If you’re not recovering properly then all your doing is just continuing to tear down your body and never let it show the results of the work you put into the gym. A good set of hands is hard to find I know but e-mail me and I’ll personally send you the contact info on who I use… she is amazing! Email me at Travis@fitnessrevolutionrowlett.com








In Health and Fitness,




Travis Merritt, BS, CPT is the owner of Fitness Revolution in Rowlett, TX.

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This is motivation!

Happy first day of fall! Now don’t be going off and back on some additional insulation 😉


Its Friday so I’m sure your racing to get as much done as possible to get out of the office to enjoy your weekend so I’ll keep this e-mail short and sweet.


I know that I’ve sent this out before on my typical Monday motivation e-mails but this one still gets to me:


Watch it and tell me what you think.   (click on the video below) well worth the three mins.)


Now this is true hard work and motivation, no matter what or who you are you have no excuses after watching this.


Now I’m never one to send out the same info, emails, videos twice but this is just too powerful not to be reminded of that nothing gets it done better than hard work the willingness to put it all on the line.


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In Health and Fitness

Travis Merritt


P.S. Just for the ladies (sorry men), yes some of you have been asking about the progress of the new e-book, my Women’s Weight Training Guide, and it should be available next month! Trust me if you think the last report was awesome I’ll just giving away all my secrets on this one… your gonna love it!

Rate your trainer

Rate your Trainer

Does your trainer have a background in exercise science, kinesiology or athletic training? Is she certified?
(A) I don’t think so
(B) Of course, both
(C) I’m not really sure, she’s never brought it up.


When you ask her a question about health and fitness, what is her answer?
(A) Typically she doesn’t know. She always says she’ll get back to me but never does
(B) She knows a TON, but even when she’s not sure, she has a link of health professionals that she can ask
(C) We don’t talk much during our session.


Before you started training, did she offer you references or testimonials from clients?
(A) No
(B) Yes, several
(C) It didn’t come up


Does she know your spouse, children, dog, or other important factors about your life–your support system?
(A) We don’t really talk about it
(B) Definitely; she asks about the family at least once a week
(C) I know her boyfriend’s name


Does she create programs and track progress?
(A) No. She doesn’t do any of that.
(B) Yes. She gives me my workouts and tracks my progress.
(C) Why would I need a program?


Does she motivate you?
(A) I show up.
(B) She knows my good habits and bad habits, and encourages me to go further.
(C) I show up.


Are you seeing results?
(A) Some, I suppose.
(B) Definitely.
(C) Not the ones I wanted, but I’m getting more fit!


Mostly A’s:
Seriously consider hiring another trainer, or chat with your current trainer about these issues. Something isn’t working! You pay good money for great service, you should be getting every penny’s worth. If you need help, Contact Us!


Mostly B’s:
It sounds like you are seeing results, feeling great and have a well-educated trainer. Awesome! Keep up the excellent work and make sure that you two continue to communicate effectively.


Mostly C’s:
What’s the problem? If your trainer seems distracted, find out why. She hasn’t revealed much about herself, or asked much about you. She might just be a workout buddy. While fun and helpful, an elite personal trainer uses her education to design a program for you. Have a talk with her; if education or nerves are the problem, you’ll know after a heart-to-heart. If things just don’t click, get a new trainer. Breaking up with a trainer may be hard, but ultimately you are paying for results. For more help, just reach out! <—–click here


In Health and Fitness,

Travis Merritt


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***This rating was from my former business partner’s and I website here

I wish her the best in her new career choice :)***



6 things that will ruin your fitness

This was inspired from a recent blog that I read…


1. “Woe as me!” 

This is for those that are always feeling bad for themselves and they are letting everyone know about it. You know these people! Damn they are annoying. I understand that we will sometimes have an “off” morning but if you think of it as a BAD morning or bad day it will continue to go that way UNTIL you get your head out of there and change your mindset!


2. Lazy and late

One of the best quotes that I ever heard about being late was that it takes the same amount of effort to be 5min early as it does to be 5min late. If you come in late to your workout don’t think that your doing to stay late because I promise you’ll find a reason not too. Don’t be lazy and make it a priority


3. The Blame Game

No matter what you think its your fault. It not McDonalds fault that your over weight… its not your boss’s fault that you miss your workout. We are in control over everything that happens to us (I will argue that any day). So don’t blame others for your perceived misfortunes accept responsibility and take command on what you need to do to make a change. Besides everyone hates those who blame others…


4. Excuses

This one is closely related to the blame game but we know those people… there is always an excuse on why they can’t do what they are suppose to do. I won’t go into detail but I will stay stop it and take control of your life and your fitness



5. Acting out?
I still find it hard to really describe this one but I’ll just call these people impulsive, and not a good impulsive but the bad impulsive that causes harm to us and others. Like blurting out words before we actually think about it, buying expensive items when we don’t have the money, going out to eat even though we are trying to lose weight. Think before you act and exercise some restraint.

6. Nitpicking

These people are never happy with anything, other words they will always find something wrong. Now there is a find line with this and the principle of constant improvement but sometimes it is just best to let things go…

6.5 Luck

I’m sorry but luck doesn’t exist… make your own luck. I promise that if you follow those six rules listed above you’ll make your own luck and you will be quite impressed with how far you come with your workouts and life



In Health and Fitness

Travis Merritt


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“I don’t want to lift wights, I’ll get TOO bulky!”

“I don’t want to lift weights, I’ll get too bulky!!”

This is what I hear from so many women that I have to discuss that they need to lift weight(s), so let me set the record straight with a few key pieces of advice.


These are excerpts from my new e-book How to Have a Body Like Barbie… Except Without All the Plastic.


The Testosterone Story

First off let me say that women CAN NOT get muscle bound like men. No matter what you think I can assure you that you lifting weights will not results with arms looking like Arnolds, I’ve been doing this for over 10 years and I’m still waiting on that to happen J

What exactly builds muscle? Well to be honest there are a lot of things but one of the main components of muscle building is testosterone. Now the hormone testosterone is responsible for the large increases in muscle mass seen by men when lifting weights, because men have higher testerone levels they will see muscle gain and fat loss faster than women… sucks to hear ladies I know. To further prove this point let’s take a look at these numbers.

Normal testosterone levels in men are 250-800 ng/dl while 15-70 ng/dl are normal in women. As you can see, men’s testosterone levels are SIGNIFICANTLY higher than women’s. Even if a man is at the LOW end of the men’s normal testosterone range (250 ng/dl), he still has nearly three times the amount as a woman at the HIGH end of the women’s testerone scale.

So if you were to take a look at the midrange levels of testerone  we look at the median or mid-range testosterone levels in men and women, men = 500 and women = 43. So on an average, men have nearly 12 times more testosterone than women! Without getting too much into the science the numbers show that women do not have near the hormonal support that your avg man has to garnish that speed of muscle growth. If you need further proof go to your physician and request hormone panel, it wouldn’t hurt, and see where you rank in at. I can promise you that your fears of “looking like a man” are completely unwarranted.









I can promise you she isn’t bulky… look at what she is lifting


If you want further proof download my free Mission Metabolism Report!

Click Here <—- Click for the free report


I know that may be a bit on the science side, trust me there isn’t that much in the e-book, but in all reality women you can’t gain muscle the speed that which a man does… hormonal wise it is not possible.

To all my ladies out there LIFT HEAVY, the heavier you lift the MORE TONE you become!!!


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In Health and Fitness,

Travis Merritt

This little trick will make a difference ;)


Straight to the point since its a Monday and I’m sure that your tired from the day.

This week my birthday is coming up and one of my close friends gave me a case of organic free range beef (only a fitness buff could really appreciate this gift lol) and this reminded of a lesson that I learned many years ago about how food quality really makes a big difference.

Years ago when I was working the corporate world I moved to Virginia, I was in a new place and looking for my new grocery store. I didn’t know what any of the major chains were so I picked on close to my house to go shopping at. As part of my usual diet I picked up a couple of pounds of the stores meat (back then I use to eat about 2-3 lbs a day of animal meat) and cooked this for my meals for the next several days. Over the weeks I noticed that I was breaking out real bad… I mean I looked like I was going through puberty again! (hold your laughter 😉

It didn’t dawn on me until on day one of my co-workers to me of a place where he gets his free range beef to try out telling me how it taste so much better. So I went and bought about 5lbs and within the next two days my acne cleared up and I felt so much better! My workouts were better, I didn’t have this “puffy” or swollen look to me not to mention that I could tell a noticeable difference in  just my mood.

I was wonder what the heck was in this super beef that I could tell a major difference in so quickly!? It dawned on me that it wasn’t what was IN the meat but what was NOT in the meat that made a difference. (a duh moment)

You see mass produced animal meat is loaded with chemicals, hormones and preservatives that really do have a profound impact on your body. So much so that undertakers report that human bodies do not deteriorate as quickly as they used to. The reason for this, they believe, is that the modern diet contains so many preservatives that these chemicals tend to prevent the body from decomposing too quickly after death Ewwwwwww!











***you really think this is healthy?***

If you need further proof try the argument that meat from a fast food restaurant is the same quality as meat from a free range farm. I’m sure after that you can see my point.

You are what you eat and you are what you put into your bodies and I challenge you to try it for a week. Try just eating free range meat instead of the cheap bulk meat at the grocery store. I PROMISE YOU THAT YOU WILL NOTICE A DIFFERENCE! If you say that the meat is too expensive then take a look at your prescriptions or doctor bills… in my mind they are expensive and I can bet you that bad food quality had a factor to do with it. Your already spending the money just move it over to the quality of food that you put in it.

Sorry for the soap box but its true


In Health and Fitness,

Travis Merritt


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Be nice to your trainer :)

Be nice to your trainer…


Its been a few days since my last e-mail and I wanted to reach out for some Friday Video Time before I head off to the State Fair!


This is a great training montage:


So what all has been going on in the FR world? Well lets just say a lot! I can’t believe how much there is to do and honestly I can’t complain because this is all just making me a better trainer and I have clients that are seeing results even faster than before… I love it!


Trainer courtesy…

What exactly is trainer courtesy? Well that term can change from day to day but today its about letting your trainer know in a timely manner that your not going to make a session.


Just now I had a client txt me 5min into his session that he was at work and could not make todays workout… um could you please have told me as soon as you found out? There are other clients that I could be helping.


Now don’t get me wrong I completely understand that life happens but regardless courtesy is a must. As a business owner I would never want to work with anyone that this is what they do on a weekly basis (yes this is a weekly occurrence for this particular person). I’m sure that as a professional trainer I did this to my clients I would no longer be in business and no one would want to work with me. Don’t think this doesn’t work the other way around…


In my disclaimer and waiver that I have my clients sign I do have what I call my “douch bag” clause. Other words if your an a– to me, other clients, gym member or workers (timeliness is among this) I will exercise the right to fire you. I will be exercising this right.


I can tell that if I continue to work with this person it will do more damage than good to my reputation as one of north Texas’s top fitness professionals, and that is just not worth it.


Why am I venting about this. Let me just say that there are plenty of people to do business with (not just with training but with life) if the chemistry is not there save yourself time and stress by going to another that you “click” with and I can assure you that both parties will enjoy the meeting much better. Admit it you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about 😉


  • Here is a quick article by one of my favorite supplement companies, Prograde, on fat loss. Its worth the read guys 🙂
  • 5 fat loss mistake to avoid  <——Click Here


I have some new a cool things in the works right now that is sure to make FR stand out from any training service in the North Texas area, trust me when I say that some of this you have never seen before!

(a hint: how about having a trainer not only dictate your eating and meal order but make sure that you never have to go the the grocery store… EVER AGAIN!)


Have a wonderful weekend!

In health and fitness

Travis Merritt


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Don’t ever use this excuse

I hope that your weekend was well! I did a little bit of State Fair time and let me tell you what an experience! I’m still surprised to see all that food, not to mention those crazy concoctions.. fried butter, buffalo chicken in a flap-jack lol.
Ok I know that its Monday so let me get down to business here…
Don’t ever use this excuse!
Being a trainer I get to really take a deep look at my clients inner workings; what motivates them, what they fear, what they love, their buttons, etc.. I’ve learned more about people psychies that I joke around trainers are also therapist 😉 With that said when ever I get to meet a new person that has an interest in exercise/training/bootcamp (doesn’t matter) one answer that I get that I think is complete b.s. is… “Let me think about it..”
I’m going to ask you this, what is it you need to think about? You’ve been thinking about it for a while now and that’s what brought you in this fitness world. Thinking about losing weight or gaining muscle has not produced the results you want so its time to stop thinking and start doing.
You don’t get fit by thinking… you get fit by doing
Sounds simple right? Well start apply that to everything that your thinking about doing, trust me that act of doing by far is much more mentally rewarding than daydreaming about it.
Another awesome article from Prograde!
Sick Fat Cells? <—– Click Here
In Health and Fitness,
Travis Merritt
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