Champion Core Series Level 2


Now on to level 2!


I’ll keep this a bit short and sweet because the only real difference between level 1 and level 2 workouts is the addition of a bent knee leg raise.

The reason that we are going with a bent knee is that by this point in time you should be able to have a little bit more basic control over your abdominal wall and we need to turn it up a notch WITHOUT going too far outside your level of control. [Read more…]

Champion Core Series Level 1.5!?

Level 1.5!? But Travis, what happened to Level 2!?

Well slow down turbo and I’ll explain what I’m doing here. Its simple, I don’t want to overwhelm some people. I could on a jump straight to level 2 core work, which would be some starting point, but I want to make sure that you take the time to learn the basics before you try core my annihilators 😉

***Just wait till you see my annihilators, promise its some of the craziest core exercises you’ve seen***

Remember you can’t run the Olympics if you can’t run jr. high track first.

[Read more…]

Unspoken rules of the gym

Now this is the time of the year that the gym just explodes with people… resolutions! Time for all the people to come out of early hibernation to “lose the spare tire”, “lose this weight”, “get healthy”, the list goes on.

Depending on who you are and your outlook on this can be a good or bad thing. Good for gym owners, membership consultants, trainers, supplement companies and begin a trainer we usually get busy this time of the year, but I’ve got a few things to say to these people.


Unspoken rules of the gym

I say this as not only a trainer to educate you because sometimes you just don’t know and that’s ok, but also as a season gym goer that dreads the big influx of traffic at the gym. Now I don’t dread to see those individuals that are serious about making change and will continue to be here in three to six months down the road still busting their a$$, I love those people and would gladly trade sets with that person any day. What I don’t look forward to are the ones that won’t be here in February or people that give the rest of us dedicated gym athlete’s bad names from doing these things listed below.




Guys, stop ogling the girls

It’s natural to look at beautiful things but having your eyes glued to a girl trying to workout is going to make her uncomfortable and gets weird after a while. Let the lady workout with some privacy.


No seriously, stop ogling the girls

Yes this gets so bad I had to bring it up again, stop it your creepy bastard.







Girls don’t encourage the guys

Ladies if you dress like you’re going out instead of working out, go over flirt and stick butt out blatantly with a guy walks by he is going to stare… hell I see girls stare at that. Don’t get mad when that happens, and no I’m not using the statement/argument that “she was asking for it” there is a big difference and we know this.







If you sweat a lot carry a towel and wipe down your equipment

If you body was trying to get rid of it then I don’t want it. Your not at yoru mom’s house so clean up after yourselves.









If you can’t lift it correctly don’t do it

Unless you’re a power lifter, who’s training tactics require this, squatting with 500lbs a quarter ways down doesn’t count as lifting correctly, neither is trying to bench 400lbs with a spotter dead lifting the bar off your chest. Don’t ask me to spot you either if you’re doing this, I don’t want t lift your weight.










Use the equipment the way it is suppose to be used.

If you don’t know how to use the machine then ask a staff member or trainer, its better to be smart and safe. Now I’ll say this as well to seasoned gym rats… this rule follows the old adage no curling in the squat rack and don’t do dumbbell curls in front of the dumbbell rack… move over.







Rack your damn weight and put up your stuff

I hate hunting down dumbbells, kettlebells and anything else that I want to use when its not in the right place. If you had the strength to bring it over to where your at you have the strength to put it back up. This rule also applies to unracking the bench press, leg press or squat rack; the only exception is if you passed out from an awesome set. In that case I’ll understand and wake till you wake up for you to rack your weight back 😉 








Don’t drop the dumbbells

Sometimes that stuff is heavy, I get it. Hell you may even need to bail on some heavy weight I understand that, but needless dropping just to garnish attention to your herculean efforts how much you were lifting makes you look like a neanderthal… if you lift it lower it. (I do understand that some gyms you need to drop the weights but the weights are made to do this… i.e. bumper plates)







Unless your name is Arnold Schwarzenegger, don’t get unsolicited workout advice.

UNLESS you see someone about to SERIOUSLY hurt themselves.










String take tops don’t count as shirts

Sleeveless is ok, but this is for those guys that wear shirts with have the side missing from them but is held together by a small two inch piece of fabric at the bottom so their abs show. You would never buy a shirt like that and if you do hand over your humanity card now.






Maybelline does not have a gym line

Gotcha, you just came off work that makes sense. This is for those women who get all dolled up just for the gym, you come here to get sweaty not pretty. Stop trying so hard






It’s ok to grunt, yelling is not

We all understand grunting but quit screaming like a banshee to garnish attention to your workout… it’s annoying.








Stop eye-ballin’ me

Just because you wear Affliction clothing or have taken one or two MMA classes does not make you a bad a$$, and this is a gym NOT a UFC arena. If you acted that way at the MMA gym you would get your butt handed to you, no one that takes martial arts seriously acts that way.








Just because she made eye contact does NOT mean she wants to talk

This isn’t a bar or night club, eye contact doesn’t mean the same thing here as it would a night on the town. Just because she smiles at you does NOT mean anything, you happen to be in her line of sight and THATS IT. Not every girl wants you, Casanova








Quit comparing yourself to everyone in the gym

The workouts are about you and no one else, no one cares if you can or can not out run or out lift the guy next to you or across the gym. Who cares if your stronger or weaker than the person next to you, just come in and work hard and let everyone else do the same.





Don’t laugh at the overweight person

This one really gets me… we all started somewhere you did to. They are in here just like everyone else and frankly I have lot of respect for them because they are 10x the athlete than that hyena laughing in the corner. They have more guts that you will ever have.







Flex in the mirror at home  

It fun to see yourself all pumped up, I’m guilty of that as well, but don’t do a total pose down after ever set. It gets annoying.







Get off your cell phone

Gotta take a call? I get it. Having a full blown covo on what bar you where at last night sitting on the bench I’m waiting on is annoying. Take your phone call elsewhere or get to work.







Wear appropriate clothing

This can piggy back along with rule #10 but for both guys and girls I don’t want anything popping out to say hello at me when you squat or bending over.










Don’t be that stinky guy at the gym.

What!? You mean I need to shower before coming to sweat!? Not necessarily, but you come here to sweat and stink so if you already have a b.o. problem please do everyone a favor and AT LEAST put on some deodorant or body spray.










The list could go on and I did kinda poke fun a some people but honestly even though we joke about this alot but we don’t want to be around it. If you are doing any of this… stop.



In Health and Fitness,




Travis Merritt, BS, CPT is the owner of Fitness Revolution in Rowlett, TX.

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