Strong is Hot

So you want to be strong and look good while doing lifting it.Strong is Hot - Fitness Revolution Rowlett

I have yet to have anyone complain to me that they were too strong and honestly who wouldn’t want to be strong enough to do just about anything that life throws at them.

Now the question comes up… how do you get ‘strong’?

Well the solution sounds easy doesn’t’ it; just lift more weight every time and you’ll get strong, but really how many people are doing that on a consistent basis?

Are you breaking records every week?

Are you where you want to be in strength or at least are you well on your way?


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The Invasion of Body Snatchers, Skinny Fat People

Everyone keeps talking about the zombie apocalypse that is ever approaching on the horizon but I first want to address Invasion of the Body Snatchers - Skinny Fat People - Fitness Revolution Rowlett the silent epidemic going on right now.

Body Snatchers…

Yes body snatchers.

Whether you may realize it or not there is a plague in the industry going on of this trend to where we are seeing more and more skinny fat people

Men and women that use to be overweight lose all this weight then they are skinny fat.

Young teens and early adults seem to be the favorite target of this fiend.

These people are walking in not really appearing to be overweight but still look very “soft”; they are what we would call “skinny” but yet they still have a pudge sticking out.

Remember the days when there were true hard gainers? Individuals that walked into the gym that WERE skinny but they HAD abs!? I have yet to see many of those anymore; they have been taken over by the Body Snatchers.

Instead they have been replaced by skinny people with very little muscular development but more pudge in certain areas; most notably breast tissue (gynomastia in the fitness circle for men) and lower ab fat.

If you thinking that you may be a skinny fat person then you have been taken over… but at least you haven’t lost all of yourself to the body snatcher just yet!

In an effort to treat this body snatching skinny fatness and get those people fixed so we are better prepared to battle out the predicted zombie apocalypse. [Read more…]

Sit-ups Build Legs

Sit-ups build legs, not abs    

Seriously you may challenge me on this but I want you to think about it. How many times did you do sit-up or decline sit-ups and have to stop do to your abs burning so bad? Honestly, I can admit very few really do experience an extreme ab burn during decline sit-ups, in fact most probably notice that their hip flexors start burning more than anything.


What you didn’t know about the Hip Flexors

First off your hip flexors are NOT just one muscle they are a group of muscles that are responsible for flexing the femur (thigh) towards the torso, think of bringing your knees towards you.Hips Flexors and and sit ups - Fitness Revolution Rowlett

If you were to look at the image to the left these are ALL the muscles of the hip flexors… if you notice that the abdominal wall is NOT one of them.

These are the PRIME movers in decline sit-ups and most other sit up variations.

So doing countless reps and decline angles only further continues to improve the functionality and muscular development of the hip flexors, not develop the abdominal wall.

In addition to this I have seen this further tighten the hip flexors more than what most need. Guys I hate to say this but your hip flexors are probably tight enough as it is and they don’t need any reaosn to get tighter, if they do they will just hate you for it.

What ends up happening it that as they tighten up even further they begin to pull your hips down towards your knees and if you think you have hip problems now just wait till those things get tighter.

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How to get a body like HER

I want to look like HER - Fitness Revolution RowlettSo, who is “her”?

We each have one of those women that we see in the gym or magazines, these are the ones that you feel are the epitome of a fit, healthy, sexy body.

The most common things you’ll hear about these women are:

“I want to look like her”, “I want legs like her”, “I want her a$$”, “I want her abs”, etc… the list goes on.

The definition of “her” is always different for everyone but no matter what, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

When I first started to begin really making training a full time career I was living in San Antonio, TX, working for a big health club. For some reason, I don’t know why, about 60% of my clients were rather attractive woman, and I will say I NEVER complained. In fact it was a joke at my gym that if she was hot she was most likely going to train with Travis… like I said, I NEVER complained 😉

I had some reasonable success in getting these women into stellar shape, in my opinion some of my best physique work was back then. 90% of them had abs and amazing legs when we were done, a few landed some pretty large modeling deals and I even had one that ended up in Playboy (so not kidding about that). [Read more…]