Things You Might Not Know about Inflammation and Low Testosterone

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Many have found that when a man has inflammation, it can often times be due to low levels of testosterone. This can hinder a man’s life in a number of ways, starting with the inability to carry out sexual functions or having complications with reproducing. There are methods that men can take to help alleviate the inflammation that they might have. This will help them to increase their testosterone levels. So, what are some of those methods?


One way to reduce inflammation is to drink cranberry juice. This can reduce any systematic inflammation that a person might have. And this is not the only benefit. Researchers have found that it is great for health as it has all sorts of antibodies that flush out bad elements from our system. And it does not have to be cranberry juice. Just look for the juices high with antioxidants.
Another thing that can be done is to look at how much alcohol that you drink. While too much isn’t good for your liver, there are some good qualities of consuming moderate levels of alcohol. This has been said to actually reduce inflammation. However, there have also been some links between the amount of alcohol that men drink and low levels of testosterone. So, do keep a tab on the amount of alcohol that you consume.


In order to lower inflammation which will then help to increase testosterone, it is recommended that a man goes for regular exercise. There have been many studies done to prove this. The things that experts have learned from research are quite interesting. They have actually found that exercise actually reduces the level of TNF alpha as well as C-Reactive protein.


Looking at your diet is something that some men need to look at if they have inflammation and are experiencing low testosterone counts. The one thing that men want to avoid is high protein diets. This has been seen to be part of the reasons why men have high levels of inflammatory markers. Certain protein foods have been said to increase the amounts of fibronigen and C-Reactive Protein. Low Glycemic foods should be avoided as well. These foods contain insulin activated enzymes and this causes the body to create more of what is called arachidonic acids. The one thing that you want to get more of is omega 3 as this has been said to have some anti-inflammation benefits to it. One last thing to cut out would be saturated fats. This actually allows the inflammations to inhabit the body.


With careful study, you will find that there are many ways to reduce the amount of inflammation. This might help you to improve your testosterone levels so that a man can feel good about himself. These are just a few things that they you can try. In addition, you should discuss such things with your doctor to see what he or she would recommend. They might have other solutions for you to try.

Side Note: I had someone do a guest writing series with this blog and a few others, so let me know what you think!



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