Who said I had to eat 6 meals?

Steve Reeves - Why six meals a day - Fitness Revolution RowlettWhere did 6 meals a day come from?

I mean does anyone really know?

We’ve been told for as long as we can remember that you’re supposed to eat 6 small meals a day, or eat small frequent meals throughout the day, eat every three hours, etc…

BUT the question remains… says who? Who came up with this rule?

Well,  if you were to Google it you would come across a bunch of self-proclaimed gurus or beginner gym rats that state this so matter-of-factly, but honestly I’m a bit skeptical to believe anyone that doesn’t provide some bio, credentials or testimonials that support them being a legit professional.

The majority of the info comes from magazines, such as Muscle and Fiction, or other media sources.

The most popular forms of media that cite or claim references do what is known as data mining; in other words they look to summarize an entire study or article in one or two sentences that support the media’s claim and in doing so they completely misinterpret the results or the purpose of the journal article.

There is a funny thing about media – even if it’s not true, if it’s published enough times it becomes true, no matter how silly the idea is. [Read more…]

Some Intermittent Fasting questions answered

Some questions that I had about IF hope that you read the last IF blog and it may have peaked in your interest, heck maybe you even went a head and ordered Eat Stop Eat (highly recommend it). For today I’m going to go over some of my initial questions that I’ve had when I began researching IF.


You need to eat every three hours to keep your metabolism up:

This initial question was the my very first response to IF. I mean come on we have all heard it that we need to eat small frequent meals to lose weight, this has been posted in just about EVERY website, magazine and news series about weight loss. I remember this was the first thing that was ingrained in my head as a young gym rat.

Ever felt like your day was tied to the clock with food?

So I thought, heck I’ll find plenty of research proving that small frequent meals promote weight loss and honestly its was very difficult to find research that really supported this. Weird huh?

You see when I did find a journal article that was cited small frequent meals as a case for weight loss I did real rescarch into the journal article, otherwords not just was was quoted to me but I wanted to read it myself… the entire thing. [Read more…]