Email to a Client: Boot Camp Brain Wash and Metabolic Repair

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Well it keeping with our theme of client emails this was a gem of reading.

Most people don’t realize that I do a lot of writing and MAJORITY of my writing is answers to my clients questions. So I try to be as thorough and detailed as possible with I answer back because I just don’t want my response to be “Because I said so.” I want my clients to feel educated on the methods behind the madness. Below is a response to an e-mail a client had sent me in regards to her starting her new program with me.

We were in the beginning stage of her NEW program and she was a bit disappointed because she since she didn’t sweat her normal amount that she had in other trainer’s programs (these were boot camp programs, so they were more of “make you tired workouts”), and because of that she felt that she didn’t get a great  workout from our session.

She was concerned about her ability to get results with this different style and just wanted a better idea of what the plan was again. I NEVER mind these kind of emails, in fact I enjoy them, because it forces me to realize that I can always do a better job explaining how at FR we are different from just a workout and to help a client understand why we do what we do. So below is my response to her email.

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The Invasion of Body Snatchers, Skinny Fat People

Everyone keeps talking about the zombie apocalypse that is ever approaching on the horizon but I first want to address Invasion of the Body Snatchers - Skinny Fat People - Fitness Revolution Rowlett the silent epidemic going on right now.

Body Snatchers…

Yes body snatchers.

Whether you may realize it or not there is a plague in the industry going on of this trend to where we are seeing more and more skinny fat people

Men and women that use to be overweight lose all this weight then they are skinny fat.

Young teens and early adults seem to be the favorite target of this fiend.

These people are walking in not really appearing to be overweight but still look very “soft”; they are what we would call “skinny” but yet they still have a pudge sticking out.

Remember the days when there were true hard gainers? Individuals that walked into the gym that WERE skinny but they HAD abs!? I have yet to see many of those anymore; they have been taken over by the Body Snatchers.

Instead they have been replaced by skinny people with very little muscular development but more pudge in certain areas; most notably breast tissue (gynomastia in the fitness circle for men) and lower ab fat.

If you thinking that you may be a skinny fat person then you have been taken over… but at least you haven’t lost all of yourself to the body snatcher just yet!

In an effort to treat this body snatching skinny fatness and get those people fixed so we are better prepared to battle out the predicted zombie apocalypse. [Read more…]

Hormones and Fat Patterns

Sometimes it is the hormones.Hormone dysfunctions and fat deposit patterns - Fitness Revolution Rolwett

One of the areas that I strive to focus on is fat loss and not just ordinary “lets drop 10lbs for the beach fat loss” but “I want to look hot naked and make my ex jealous fat loss”.

I know you have all thought this.

Now, you may have gotten down to a decent level in body fat but you may have noticed that trying to drop those last few stubborn pounds to really get that polished look is just frustrating. No matter how clean you eat or how much you exercise you can’t seem to get that look that you have in your mind.

So what’s holding you back?

Well my friend, sometimes it IS the hormones [Read more…]

Low Testosterone and Skinny Jeans Part 2


High Cortisol levels and low testosterone levels - Fitness Revolution Roweltt For Part 2 of the Testosterone and Skinny Jeans series I need to go over two other hormones that are responsible for having men turn into 16 year old girls and giving women so much trouble in dropping those body fat levels.

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High Cortisol Levels

If you’ve been following this blog for a bit of time now then you have heard me rant on cortisol on more than one occasion, but I can never seem to get enough info out to people about this darn hormone.

Cortisol is a hormone that is secreted during high levels of stress, when this happens it’s the cause increased bodyfat gain and muscle loss… the exact thing we are trying to avoid.

If I were to get a bit nerdy on you cortisol main function is to “increase blood sugar through gluconeogenesis (this is just one of the body’s ways to elevate blood surgar levels); suppress the immune system; and aid in fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism… It also decreases bone formation” (1) I’ll put it this way, it IS essential for us to have cortisol in our systems but just like every other hormone in the body there has to be checks and balances.

In today’s society where high stress levels are just the day to day norm elevates cortisol and thus makes it near impossible to drop that excess body fat around your stomach and really start getting lean. [Read more…]

Hormones and Fat Loss

Over the years the fitness industry has continued to make leaps and bounds on physique manipulation, performance enhancement, weight loss and overall health. ONE thing though stands out among the rest that I would have to say is the most researched and sought out science.

Fat Loss

Fat loss is arguably the number one reason most people come to the gym and what most people look do accomplish. I know that you could say weight loss but, come on people think of weight loss they think of getting rid of their gut or thighs not water weight.

When even I meet someone that’s primary goal is to get lean and drop all the extra insulation I typically go through a series of assessments to determine where there primary problem with fat loss is. Most commonly is just unhealthy lifestyle BUT for others there is a bit more to the story. [Read more…]