How to get LEANER over Thanksgiving

How to get lean over Thanksgiving - Fitness Revolution Rowlett

No this isn’t a trick, and yes this is possible.

No this isn’t a smart a—answer that you’ll don’t have to skip out on the holidays or purge all of your food the day of, I actually did read that someone recommended this :-/

There is a way to eat stuff your face like a pig AND still lose body fat.

In fact this is a tactic that I have used multiple times with clients to help them drop body fat while still having a cheat days and meals on a frequent basis. [Read more…]

Drop the Thanksgiving weight FAST

Happy weekend! Hope that thanksgiving was well if you when out shopping you survived the mass hysteria of black Friday.

I’m going to do something at bit different than most fitness sites do for the holidays. Most personal trainers and fitness gurus try to tell you what you can and can’t eat over the thanksgiving holiday and this usually results with a person attempting to deprive themselves at festive gathering. Usually two things happen: you did make it though the holiday without too much gluttony or you didn’t and now you feel guilty because of it.

For a number of my clients I do try to help control what they can and can’t eat due to food intolerances (up to 60% of people have an food intolerance and don’t even realize it) so they can still enjoy the holiday without a feeling of being left out, but let’s face it no matter how much we try to prepare for this in our fit lifestyles we are going to go overboard.

This happens and I don’t want people to beat themselves up about it so what I’m doing today is going to give you a workout that will help your body recover from the bender and be right back on track by Monday J

What we are going to do is a glycogen depleting workout. Glycogen is the storage form of energy from food that they body keeps in the liver and muscles for energy at later times; now after a thanksgiving meal it’s pretty safe to say that we have stored up quite a bit of energy lol. More so than most times of the year and when we go back to our typical eating habits that normally do fill our glycogen stores (which are already full at this time due to the holidays) they have no other place to go but be converted to body fat.

Glycogen depleting workouts are typically total body circuit training in a rep range of 15-20 with little to no rest. This may be different than what you currently do but trust me on this and just do this ONCE and continue with your regular workout routine and you’ll be back on track in two days time.

I’ll give examples of exercises that I would typically assign to my clients for post holiday you pick the exercise that feels best to you.

 *** A barbell complex is 10 reps of RDLs, Bent Rows, Hang-cleans, Standing Overhead Press, Back Squat… all back to back ***

So here is the routine!


Ok so for the Metabolic Finisher do two rounds of 60 sec of work except for the barbell complex or 2mile timed bike ride.


A few key points to remember:

  • Do free weight, cable or band work (minus the leg press)
  • Pick a weight that you still have a few reps left in the tank. This is a metabolic workout not a muscle builder or death race
  • Expect to sweat… A LOT!

This may seem like a lot of work but I can assure you that you have PLENTY of energy… honestly you’ll be quite surprised how much energy you have 🙂

Do this one time this weekend and if you still feel that you need more work the following day do 45min of steady state cardio, otherwods you pace should be about 50% of your max effort.

I can assure you that if you do this you’ll be back on track with minimal scale repercussions from the weekend in no time!



Here is a supplement that I have been using that has made this process a lot easier! Now this isn’t the fast loss or metabolic lotery ticket but it does make a difference 🙂







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Travis Merritt, BS, CPT is the owner of Fitness Revolution in Rowlett, TX.

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