Hormones and Fat Patterns

Sometimes it is the hormones.Hormone dysfunctions and fat deposit patterns - Fitness Revolution Rolwett

One of the areas that I strive to focus on is fat loss and not just ordinary “lets drop 10lbs for the beach fat loss” but “I want to look hot naked and make my ex jealous fat loss”.

I know you have all thought this.

Now, you may have gotten down to a decent level in body fat but you may have noticed that trying to drop those last few stubborn pounds to really get that polished look is just frustrating. No matter how clean you eat or how much you exercise you can’t seem to get that look that you have in your mind.

So what’s holding you back?

Well my friend, sometimes it IS the hormones [Read more…]

Sit-ups Build Legs

Sit-ups build legs, not abs    

Seriously you may challenge me on this but I want you to think about it. How many times did you do sit-up or decline sit-ups and have to stop do to your abs burning so bad? Honestly, I can admit very few really do experience an extreme ab burn during decline sit-ups, in fact most probably notice that their hip flexors start burning more than anything.


What you didn’t know about the Hip Flexors

First off your hip flexors are NOT just one muscle they are a group of muscles that are responsible for flexing the femur (thigh) towards the torso, think of bringing your knees towards you.Hips Flexors and and sit ups - Fitness Revolution Rowlett

If you were to look at the image to the left these are ALL the muscles of the hip flexors… if you notice that the abdominal wall is NOT one of them.

These are the PRIME movers in decline sit-ups and most other sit up variations.

So doing countless reps and decline angles only further continues to improve the functionality and muscular development of the hip flexors, not develop the abdominal wall.

In addition to this I have seen this further tighten the hip flexors more than what most need. Guys I hate to say this but your hip flexors are probably tight enough as it is and they don’t need any reaosn to get tighter, if they do they will just hate you for it.

What ends up happening it that as they tighten up even further they begin to pull your hips down towards your knees and if you think you have hip problems now just wait till those things get tighter.

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All the other kids with the pumped up kicks

I love my kicks

Change the pace a bit I wanted to go over one of the most over looked, and to some degree, under looked pieces of equipment that we use in the gym.

Our kicks (“shoes” for those that aren’t caught up with kids new lingo).

I’ve have seen all kinds of shoes used in day to day gym work, ranging from flip-flops to steal toed construction boots… heck I’ve even seen some EXTREME high-heals (my clients called these hooker heals lol) used for workouts in the gym.

People eventually do come around to asking me what kind of shoes they should get, well the most common shoe that I personally recommend is the New Balance Minimus.


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Better looking glutes… and safer :)

With all the videos that I have been doing over proper leg work I figured that I need to add in explanation on how to properly initiate a squat.

Most think that you need to bend your knees first but that is BAD… that is a fast way to wear them out. Instead we want to start the motion out with our hips. Take a look at the video and you’ll see how I teach this motion to ensure that anyone who tries this well not only build a better backside and NOT sore knees.


*** Below the video I’ve placed a link to where I get all my bands***


Take a look at the video and tell me what you think!



As always any suggestions for further videos that you would like to see let me know!


This link below is the EXACT place I get all my band equipment.

Resistance Bands <—– Click on it to get your own!


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