Can You Train the Same Muscle Every Workout?

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I remember when I was just starting out in the training game I followed the same principle that every gym rat was told

“Make sure to give you muscles at least a 24 hour break after your workout so they can grow otherwise you’ll over train them and they will NOT grow.” Also the rule “keep you sets between 3-4 of 8-12 reps otherwise your just training them to be endurance muscles and they won’t grow.” So just like EVERYONE else I adopted a bodybuilder routine, one muscle group a day, and didn’t train the muscle again until next week.

In the beginning I did notice SOME development but honestly when you first start out about anything is going to work, but I do remember watching some people in certain sports gain FAST development of size and definition but yet seemed to break this sacred rule of the 24 hour break and on top of that they were doing COUNTLESS reps. WAY MORE than the media prescribed 10-12 reps routines for development.
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Biceps Like a Gymnast

Fitness Revolution Gymnast BicepsThis is dedicated a bit more to my ‘meat head’ readers, those that just love big showy muscles… I’m one of them! lol

About every four years the Olympics roll around and one of the big eye catches is the physiques of the elite athletes. The v-tapers of the swimmers, low bodyfat levels of a sprinter and for all those muscle heads out there the arms of a gymnast.

In my opinion gymnast have the strongest biceps pound for pound than any other competitive sport and what’s crazy is that these guys don’t lift a damn dumbbell!

What do they do though is hang from the rings hours a day.

Now what most guys really don’t comprehend is that the biceps work alongside the muscles of the forearms and upper back, but majority of bicep exercises and machines are designed to take those out of the equation and focus strictly on bicep movement. To help explain that concept better it’s like just doing leg extensions to build impressive legs instead of squats or lunges. [Read more…]

Last min holiday gifts for those fitness buffs

Hey, sometimes we don’t know what to get people and we need some last min ideas. Here is what I personally recommend… in fact I hope to get some of these this holiday season (wink wink) 🙂


1. Resistance Bands – Any of my clients that have worked with me know that I’m a HUGH believer in resistance  band training. Why? Bands just put stress on the body in ways that gravity or free weights can’t, helps reduce injury time, helps prevent injury, more versatile than free weights (come on I have bands that go up to 200lbs, beats the hell out of carrying a 200lb weight were ever I go), the list can go on. Get a pair and I promise you can’t go wrong. Resistance Band Training <—- Click on the link





2. Foam Roller – If you haven’t found out about this secret to proper warm up and tissue quality then my friend you are missing something that will change your life in training… I’m not exaggerating about that claim either. Just trust me on this, it is the best investment that you can do.        Perform Better Foam Rollers



3. TRX System – Want to bring the workouts to another level? Suspension training is an amazing way to maximize bodyweight training in angles that can’t be done anywhere else. If you don’t believe me on this look at a gymnast and you’ll see what I’m talking about 😉  



4. Prograde Supplements – I won’t tell you how important proper supplementation is to training because I’m sure that you’ve heard it and frankly I could rant all day. One of the best supplement companies I’ve used and I highly recommend it. Feel free to e-mail me if you want my personal recommendation on what you should start with.          Prograde Supplements






5. Personal Training – I’m a trainer you knew that I was going to plug this in the list lol! On a serious note a few sessions with a good trainer can make the world of difference when it comes to someone’s workout. We can tailor workouts and exercises to fit that person’s needs and really cut the learning curve down exponentially which can save
you sooooooooo much frustration. For more info send an e-mail to









6. Food – Yes you read that correctly, I said food. Not just any food of course but healthy food for those healthy nutrition buffs. Sometimes the biggest hassle with that is the preparation of course but I have been using a company for the past few months and these people have it down! I’ll have more articles about this on down the road but they will have you a month’s supply of prepared, healthy, good tasting (I’m serious about that too) food to you the next day! As a fitness buff this just awesome! Click On this Link!!!!







7. Massage – Recovery is just as important part of an exercise regime as the gym work, in a lot of cases proper recovery is even MORE important. How do I figure that? If you’re not recovering properly then all your doing is just continuing to tear down your body and never let it show the results of the work you put into the gym. A good set of hands is hard to find I know but e-mail me and I’ll personally send you the contact info on who I use… she is amazing! Email me at








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