Some Popular Nutrition Questions Answered

Over the past several months we’ve been posting more and more videos on our social media pages, well I realize that not everyone has access to these so we moved some of the video to our YouTube channel and then we are bringing them here.

I currently have quite a list of videos that I’m still planning on shooting so if have any that you would really like to see just comment below 🙂


How Many Calories SHOULD You Eat?


How Many Calories do You Need to Cut For Fat Loss?

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So you want to lose fat START HERE PART 2

Fitness Revolution RowlettDisclaimer: This blog is intended for the beginner, NOT the advanced gym rat or seasoned fitness buff. When you have several years of successful dieting under your belt you think differently because your circumstances (athletic performance, could be one) are different. This is step one of many to get a beginner to where you are at now. We are just trying to master one thing at a time.

First off, if you have not read Part 1, I HIGHLY recommend you do so first before stepping into this blog. Otherwise you could be confused by things, and of course I want this to be as simple as possible.

I should add a fair warning though, this blog involves… MATH <== Damn I know

As we summarized in the last blog one of the biggest components to diet success is calories. With a goal of losing fat, you will have to eat less calories than your body needs. If your goal is to GAIN weight, then you need to eat MORE. In PART 1 we talked about how to find YOUR calorie number. [Read more…]

So you want to drop body fat? Start Here

Want to start losing fat start here | Fitness Revolution RowlettDisclaimer: This blog is intended for the beginner NOT the advanced gym rat or seasoned fitness buff, when you have several years of successful dieting under your belt you think differently because your circumstances (athletic performance could be one) are different. This is step one of many to get a beginner to where you are at now. We are just trying to master one thing at a time.

The nutrition world is SO overwhelming.

Even I say that, and I’ve been in the industry for a number of years, so I know the beginner is just freaking swamped with trying to figure out what to do.

Many people that come in our doors just don’t know what to do with all the conflicting info out there, and I mean, its no wonder.

Do they do Atkins, Paleo, Low-Carb, Low-Fat, Not Eat after 6, or was it 7, do time zones matter? What about whole grains, ever hear of IIFYM, South Beach, North Beach, WEST SIDE!, Mediterranean, is butter a carb…?

$hit the list goes on!

Personally I feel this is why so many beginners just give the big middle finger to “dieting” and eat whatever they want.

After talking to so many people I decided to help clear the air of all of these “diets” and start with the bare bones science of this world to help YOU have the best idea of where to start. After that we will get into the nitty gritty of this world.

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Do “fit” people struggle with fat loss

Photo Courtesy of: Elizaveta Mukminova

Photo Courtesy of: Elizaveta Mukminova

About several days ago I had an interesting conversation with a fellow personal trainer and business owner and a comment was made that put into words something that I had thought for quite sometime time.

“Compared to the average person we eat pretty clean and workout regularly but we still can’t believe that we are not leaner than we are.”

There are people are there that workout and eat fairly well, compared to the majority of the population; personal trainers, fitness buffs and gym rats to name a few. These are people that eat breathe and sleep workouts and proper nutrition, you know the ones that I’m talking about.

A question comes up from these people

“I workout 5x a week eat fairly well, but I can’t seem to stay lean or in shape.”

Now ,YES that is very variable based question with LOTS of what if’s and criteria to it, but let’s take this one step at a time.

Being a trainer I’ve run into all walks of life from people that seem to cut weight rather quickly and others that it’s a damn fight for every pound, and that doesn’t’ always include the beginner, but the people that have several years of lifting seasons under their belt.

These veterans get it, they workout and eat right, so why don’t they have a year around lean look?

What I’m going to say may rub a few the wrong way (#sorrynotsorry) and some are just theories from my personal observations and experiences so take this with a grain of salt. [Read more…]

My Go-To Supplements Stacks

Supplement Stacks | Fitness Revolution Rowlett

I need to start off by saying…

I AM NOT A DOCTOR, and these recommendations that I’m going to make are based on the research that I read and experiences from clients and myself so please use this information for education ONLY and NOT medical advice. Consult a dr. if you have questions about your health.

Ok so that was a bit of a buzz kill intro wasn’t it (sigh)…

What I’ve done below is list out the raw ingredients that you can pick up just about anywhere (I personally use Amazon) that I like to see in supplements from fat burners to muscle builders. The reason I like raw ingredients is this way you know exactly how much you are putting into your body and not relying on the proprietary blend that we talked about in the last blog

So what is listed below are the bulk of the ingredients that cause majority of supplements to work without any of the filler. Your welcome.

Traditionally I don’t do too many blogs on supplements because I’ve seen some people quickly run to the store or online in hopes this is the magic pill and not understand that the eating is essentially what makes these supplements work.


At best supplement stacks will give you about a 5% edge 


I’ve accepted you were simply going to get some recommendations from somewhere so at least this is better than getting it from the GNC guy that obviously doesn’t work out or the 18-year-old supplement guy working behind the counter.

I think that was my justification for writing this. Lame, right? LOL


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13 Lessons of 2013

13 lessons of 2013 | Sprinting

1. Limit sprinting to no more than two times a week.

Sprinting has become one of my new favorite ways to really shed people down and it is virtually one of the few exercises that I have seen that can ALMOST produce VISIBLE results within days (yes, days).

So when we have clients that are looking to drop body fat to very low levels we will have them sprinting weekly.

The more we had them sprinting the more we observed taxation on the nervous system and thus further muscular development would start to stall.

The sweet spot we had found was that doing two sprint workouts a week still allowed them to get better hamstring, glute and abdominal development while shedding body fat and allow them enough time to recover for their weight sessions.

When we started approaching three times a week after a few weeks our clients were generally pretty beat up and needed a week off (not something that you want to do if you’re on a deadline). [Read more…]

What I Learned

***A brief side note: I’ve included progress pics to showcase the transformation that my body underwent in my last dieting process, though I’ve heard from some that they view this as showcasing vanity I will disagree in the sense that these are pictures taken with a cell phone in a bathroom, not professional shots done for a adult magazine. These are simply for documentation purposes only to further emphasis points in the blog bellow***


A few weeks ago I finally decided it was time to really bring my body fat down and ultimately get “shredded”. I did this for several reasons. Some are covered in several of my previous blogs, HERE and HERE, but one of the main reasons is that it reminds me what my clients go through when we need to drop some of the excess insulation.

Below are some of the random lessons that stick out in my mind from my 9 week process.


Travis Week 1

Start of Week 1

Fat loss is not always linear

I swear for the first two weeks it felt like NOTHING was happening. Even though as a trainer I knew better, it still didn’t make the process easier.

After the initial “cleaning out” process, (for those of you who have never dieted down before, when you switch to cleaner foods, your body will start getting rid of a lot of junk weight in the form of excrement… in other words, crap) during which I had dropped 5 lbs in a weekend, I swear the scale did not move for two more weeks afterwards.

It was a reminder to me that your body is ever-changing and that what it’s doing is making the physiological adaptations for you to drop more body fat. So some weeks are 2lbs and some are only .5lb. BUT… that adds up over time.

In the end though the scales doesn’t matter, it’s the pictures that will tell the story.

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What I Would Do…

what I would do

Ever since I started my diet for my photo shoot I have had a NUMBER of people all of a sudden very interested in how I got so lean so fast, like I was doing some super secret ninja tactic that got me to drop body fat so quickly.

So I decided to write a short blog on EXACTLY what I would do if I had to get ready for any other event and I think you’ll be surprised at HOW simple this can be 🙂


1. First I would get my weight and bodyfat percentage

You can always find a scale and if you don’t know your body-fat percentage there are plenty of formulas to give you an idea online.

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Bench Press, Weight Gain, Dropping 15lbs

Bench Press Stalling | Fitness Revolution Rowlett

Email Exchange 1:


E-mail from client:

Bench Press is stalling

I did your numbers that you sent for the bench but stalled out on the last rep, I got stuck at the bottom position.



Still follow the prescribed format for hitting the numbers but let’s do these exercises as your accessories for the following month. Without seeing the form directly it seems to me that your probably losing your elbow tuck and your chest needs to be a bit stronger from the bottom, all easy fixes.

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The Invasion of Body Snatchers, Skinny Fat People

Everyone keeps talking about the zombie apocalypse that is ever approaching on the horizon but I first want to address Invasion of the Body Snatchers - Skinny Fat People - Fitness Revolution Rowlett the silent epidemic going on right now.

Body Snatchers…

Yes body snatchers.

Whether you may realize it or not there is a plague in the industry going on of this trend to where we are seeing more and more skinny fat people

Men and women that use to be overweight lose all this weight then they are skinny fat.

Young teens and early adults seem to be the favorite target of this fiend.

These people are walking in not really appearing to be overweight but still look very “soft”; they are what we would call “skinny” but yet they still have a pudge sticking out.

Remember the days when there were true hard gainers? Individuals that walked into the gym that WERE skinny but they HAD abs!? I have yet to see many of those anymore; they have been taken over by the Body Snatchers.

Instead they have been replaced by skinny people with very little muscular development but more pudge in certain areas; most notably breast tissue (gynomastia in the fitness circle for men) and lower ab fat.

If you thinking that you may be a skinny fat person then you have been taken over… but at least you haven’t lost all of yourself to the body snatcher just yet!

In an effort to treat this body snatching skinny fatness and get those people fixed so we are better prepared to battle out the predicted zombie apocalypse. [Read more…]