14 Lessons of 2014

imagesAbout this time last year I did my 13 Lessons of 2013 and I figured why not continue that trend. 2014 was, in my opinion, one of the years that I learned more than any other year prior. Not just with training, but business, life, myself, the list goes on; but for the purposes of this blog I’m going to keep everything as fitness related as possible because some of the lessons that I did learn were game changers for our clients.


1. The cheapest food is always the most expensive food

I see this more often that people will actually tell me that they cannot afford to eat healthy; that their budget only allows them to live on the dollar menu at McDonald’s or less expensive gas station food. 

Not too long ago I would call BS at this, but to be completely honest it’s not their fault because a lot of the masses have been led to believe that  eating “healthy” is expensive. That you have to have grassfed or free range meats, organic produce and gluten free what ever and YES that will cost a BIT more. But in all reality you MAY save SOME money at first by living off processed and fast food but you will pay a compound interest later in life when your medical bills are sky high from years of eating fake food.

I wish I could find it but I wrote a piece awhile back where I stated that processed cheap foods lead to higher divorce rates. <=== Bit of a stretch, maybe. But if you feel like crap how do you think that’s going to carry over in a relationship? [Read more…]

Are You TOO Unhealthy to Lose Fat?

Too unhealthy to lose fat | Fitness Revolution Rowlett

In short the answer is “yes” for majority of people that walk in these doors.

The body has a process, or an order of priorities, when it comes to FAT loss; not weight loss those are two different things.

Majority of people that set out to lose weight will gently start with the combination of eating less food and going to the gym a few times a week, they will see that this helps with a few pounds but it doesn’t get them the look that there are after.

It’s when they hit this point they tend to come see us, explaining to me that they are living a much healthier lifestyle eating less and working out more but the body is not wanting to get rid of the body fat

At this point I will typically do a little bit more digging to find out one what is their definition of healthy and how long they have been doing this. These two questions can generally let me have a good idea of where we need to start and maybe what is causing them to hold the weight.

When I dig into their history one of the number one things that I’m looking for is DIET history; in my opinion is one of the most important and most underused indicators on the ability the person has for fat loss. [Read more…]

Can You Out Train a Bad Diet?

I’ll let the video do the talking…



[Read more…]