My personal experience with skipping breakfast (pics included)

Breakfast sucks

I’ve said it once and I’ll continue to beat this in the ground that for fat loss eating upon waking up does not work for you trying to lose body fat.

I’ve even argued that eating every 3-4 hours isn’t necessary for fat loss either.

I know that this may go against a lot of main stream fitness media but hey if all that really worked we would see alot more lean gym rats than bloated puff balls with muscle.

This blog is really just to document my personal experience with skipping breakfast and just taking a break from eating on occasion.


Breakfast sucks

Month 1

Here is my back before I started this journey. Why am I taking progress pics of my back? Well to be honest my back is where I will see any progress first so this would be best and quickest way to asses this new style of eating.

In this pic was eating a typical bodybuilder style of eating at this point consuming 5-6 meals a day or eating every two to three hours working out 5 days a week with only two days of cardio. You can see that I do have some foundation there but not really any clean details or lines.

This was especially frustrating to me at this point in time because I lived by my meals and the clock, so it was ALWAYS on my mind. I’m sure some of you can relate to this.

In fact it’s the frustration that led me to take this step into this new style of eating.

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Hormones and Fat Patterns

Sometimes it is the hormones.Hormone dysfunctions and fat deposit patterns - Fitness Revolution Rolwett

One of the areas that I strive to focus on is fat loss and not just ordinary “lets drop 10lbs for the beach fat loss” but “I want to look hot naked and make my ex jealous fat loss”.

I know you have all thought this.

Now, you may have gotten down to a decent level in body fat but you may have noticed that trying to drop those last few stubborn pounds to really get that polished look is just frustrating. No matter how clean you eat or how much you exercise you can’t seem to get that look that you have in your mind.

So what’s holding you back?

Well my friend, sometimes it IS the hormones [Read more…]

What the heck causes that STITCH in the side?

Causes for that stitch in your side when your run - Fitness Revolution RowlettThat damn stitch just hurts! If you’re reading this then you have had one before and you can understand that you can only fight it for so long before eventually it causes you to slow down or stop before you in agonizing pain just trying to catch your breath.

I see this more common during the summer months when people are attempting to do more HIIT cardio to drop body fat but what ends up halting their running is they begin to get that stitch in their sides. After the person spends a few minutes catching their breath I tend to get the question why does this happen?

Feels a bit defeating trying to get your sexy on when your body is just saying NO lol


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Eat Bad and Look Good

Figured it was time for me to give the IF thing a break and actually talk about food… bad food… really bad food. The cool thing is how you can eat really bad food and look sexy.

It’s possible but if only done right.

This is a technique that I have used and have had plenty of clients use over the course of their training.


Cheat day and still look hot - Fitness Revolution RowlettWhy Cheat?… on food that is

When you have someone in a caloric restricted diet for a period of time you tend to see a drop in certain hormones that really benefit the body’s ability to burn fat. Have you noticed in the beginning of a diet you’ll drop fat pretty quickly but as you continue, it almost feels like the fat loss process slows down if not comes to a halt? Those are these hormones below, and some others, that are dropping very low.

-Leptin is what I call the gatekeeper hormone to fat loss and appetite regulation, this thing is that important. It was discovered in about the mid 90’s with the comparison of genetically modified obese mice and a placebo based mice. Scientists discovered that these obese mice were lacking the protein that helps with the release of leptin. When they were injected with thet missing protien, the mice slowly returned to a normal, healthy size.

Needless to say the weight loss industry went nuts over this.

Whats pretty interesting is, that leptin is produced in the adipocytes of white adipose tissue (body fat). The level of leptin you have in the body is in direct proportion to the amount of bodyfat you have. This is another reason why losing bodyfat is so easy in the beginning but those last 10lbs are just so damn hard to lose! [Read more…]

Skinny vs. Fit

Skinny vs. Fit Both are a size 2 Fitness Revolution Rowlett

Both are a size 2 and the girl on the right is 11lbs heavier at the same height, which do you want to look like?


Ok so I was just going to show this pic to make a statement that there is a difference between looking skinny vs looking fit and leave it at that… but I sometimes just can’t shut my damn mouth 😉 [Read more…]

Are you treating the symptom or the cause?

So over the past few weeks I’ve been having a number of consults coming my way with some form of joint issues (recently it’s been a lot of shoulder problems). Now when I have a person with a joint issue ask for help I’ll usually do a movement screen and what really gets the person is that I typically DON’T spend a lot of time looking at the joint that’s in pain… instead I’m assessing everything else around it.

Let me clarify a bit. I had a phone call with a gentleman that was diagnosed with bursitis. A quick anatomy here: the bursa is a small fluid filled sack in the joint area that helps cushion and lubricate the joint during movement. In the shoulder it typically resides at the edge of the clavicle right above the humorous (arm bone). Bursitis is caused by either infection or irritation of the bursa sac; after an MRI infection was ruled out for him. Now whenever I hear someone has bursitis in their shoulder I don’t even look at that area of the shoulder, instead I look at the muscles and movements AROUND the shoulder joint. Simple reason is that bursitis is a SYMPTOM… other words something in the body is constantly rubbing and irritating the hell out of it.

So this blog isn’t about shoulder issues (we could write books on that) but instead about fixing causes and not symptoms with exercise. We’ve all of head of this before; when you get sick with a cough that’s typically a symptom of something else going on. If you’re going through car tires in half the time they are rated for its can probably means that you suck at driving or your alignment is off. In both of those cases we could spend time taking medicine to fix the cough or buy new tires but eventually the same thing is going to happen or in fact worse.

In health if someone is overweight it’s not the fat that is the problem (that statement can be argued I know), the body fat is a symptom of something else going on, medical or most likely life style. If a joint hurts it’s probably not the joint but a muscle that’s attached to the joint or even further away, if you’re missing a big lift it can be lack of strength of an accessory muscle or a technique flaw.

So the question I want you to ask if your noticing something in the gym that’s not going the way you want it, a joint hurts or you’re not losing the weight you want take your gaze away from that and look around. Think if what you’re experiencing is a cause or is there something else that’s not letting you get the results that you want. If you need help determining this talk to a professional! This will save you more time and head ache than you can even phantom in the beginning; so find someone that has been through or specializes in what you are dealing with.

***A quick side note: with that being said I don’t want this mentality to turn into blaming something else game. Ultimately it’s your body and you have more control over it than you may realize so that gives you the ability to fix what you feel may be the cause of your concern.

So is it a Symptom or a Cause?

The next question you going to wonder about is what your experiencing a symptom or a cause…? Well I’ll make it easy for you. If your trying to treat it and its not getting better or it keeps coming back then its a symptom. If your running into this with ANYTHING I recommend seeking a professional, I promise it will get better much faster 🙂



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Travis Merritt, BS, CPT is the owner of Fitness Revolution in Rowlett, TX.

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