What You Should Know about Poor Digestion and Low Testosterone

Side Note: I had someone do a guest writing series with this blog and a few others, so let me know what you think!

For men who are finding that they are dealing with low testosterone, you will find that poor digestion has a part to play in this complication. One way to increase the amount of testosterone a person has might include actually working on improving a person’s digestion. When they can do this, this can help them with a whole lot of other issues besides that of low testosterone.


Age has a lot to do with the digestion of a man. While there are many younger men who are obese, it’s when they are in their forties or fifties that it begins to be a problem. Men who are forty five or older and those who are obese will be two times more likely to have issues with low testosterone than a regular man. Besides that, there are many men who find that due to poor digestion and overweight, they have diabetes and high blood pressure which put them at a higher risk of having problems with low testosterone.


It is important for men to have regular check ups and get control of weight as this can have a huge effect on getting to the root of the problem early on. If they don’t deal with this as soon as possible, the issue of low testosterone could continue to be a problem that never gets solved. This is usually an indicator that something else is wrong. They could have adrenal fatigue or something even worse. Many of the conditions that could cause poor digestion can normally be corrected, and by doing so, this might cause one to see an increase of testosterone back to normal levels.


It is wise to talk to the doctor to carry out some tests and not to just blame this problem on old age. This is the main thing that men do wrong. They trust the doctor, but what many have thought is that doctors will point out that low testosterone levels are due to the fact that they are old. There are more things that could be the cause of this and this should give hope to those men who might have been told there wasn’t much they could do when it comes to this matter.


In addition to medication,  poor digestion can be healed through the consumption of natural supplements. There are some people who might see that this as a solution could benefit them. Supplements are easy to find and they are actually good for you as well. These are a few nutrients that work greatly to help you achieve better levels of testosterone. These nutrients which you will want to take in on a daily basis will include zinc, multivitamins, and probiotics. These are just a few of the many supplements that you can take to help you with the poor digestive system and to help alleviate the low levels of testosterone that you are facing. If you aren’t sure about what you should take, then please talk to your doctor.


Side Note: I had someone do a guest writing series with this blog and a few others, so let me know what you think!



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