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Dear Friend:

Can I ask you a few questions?

  • Do you want to look the best shape of your life, but feel totally confused about where to start?
  • Have you practically become “numb” to all the marketing and hype you see on TV about the latest and greatest weight loss gadget, potion or pill?
  • Wouldn’t you like to find a solution that is based on years of hard work, not hype?
  • Have you worked with other trainers but have only been lead to injury and disappointment?
  • Have you tried so many “diets” that you have grown to loath that word?

Well, if you’re anything like me, your answers to the above questions are a resounding “YES!”

My name is Travis Merritt and to shoot you straight I don’t have that cool of a story to tell you. I was never obsess nor was I an athlete. I didn’t have an eating program but I never stopped myself. I didn’t have muscle nor was I a skinny kid.

You know what I was?

Just your average guy, that guy that you see but don’t see in Starbucks. The person that blended in with everyone else at the pools and beaches; but I felt that there was one difference… I wanted to LEARN how too NOT look average. <== vain? Maybe, but we have all thought that.

So I started studying working out and training at 15 and got my first training job at when I was 18! During that time I studied under many trainers (some great, some just plain idiots), have tried and tested many different programs and diets experiencing some amazing success and some horrible crashes.

I’ve experienced some best practices of trainers that delivered amazing results, you know that kind of results that before don’t believed the “before and after” pictures, and have learned quite a bit of what NOT to do as a personal trainer from those trainers that stare at themselves in the mirror and are constantly checking their text messages.

Lets fast foreword to today and I’m a dedicated fitness professional and it’s my mission in life to educate and motivate ordinary people like you and me to achieve extraordinary results…

And, if it’s all right with you, I’d also like to help you shape a body that makes your friends jealous and ex’s kick themselves in the butt  ;-)

Does that sound good?

It certainly did to these fans of Fitness Revolution Rowlett.  Please take a moment to see what they accomplished in just a short period of time.



Just imagine… after a few months with us, you’ll be sharing your success story, too…


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At Fitness Revolution Rowlett we put our money (and our time) where our mouth is but if you haven’t clicked the button above yet it’s probably because you still have some questions.  I totally understand.

Perhaps you’re thinking this is all too good to be true.  After all, this is indeed ginormous marketing page for a personal training program, right?

Well, let me reassure you, as a small-business owner in Rowlett the last thing I want to do is rely on bogus “hype marketing” that will lead to a disappointed and upset community.  That’s why I put a ton of effort into researching the latest exercise and nutrition science and only using PROVEN TECHNIQUES in our SMALL GROUP TRAINING PROGRAMS.

For example, through the advances of science and tens of thousands of hours of practice, elite fitness professionals have discovered a very interesting fact…


To get maximum results you have to have the right combination of appropriate exercise, supportive nutrition and adequate rest.


Only with the correct combination of all three components of an effective training program will you see the results you’re looking for… you know, the kind that makes your friends ask,


“What have you been doing lately?  You look incredible!”


When you become a part of the Fitness Revolution Rowlett community YOU WILL ACHIEVE TRULY AMAZING RESULTS…

  • Finally learned how to do certain exercises for YOUR body
  • Learned that there is MORE than ONE way to eat for fat loss.
  • Break past sticking points that have made you mad for months, if not years.
  • Have someone else take the reins on your program and do all the research for you.
  • Make new supportive friends who are on the same journey as you
  • Let us teach you HOW this world works, face it there is a lot of crap out there.
  • Become stronger than you have ever been.
  • Look so good that you make your friends jealous.
  • Become the friends that is always giving away their cloths because they are too big



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With our Small Group Persona Training you’re going to GET EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SUCCEED.  Our 360-degree approach to weight loss and fitness includes:


Success Session – $99

Most trainers will conduction a 30-60min assessment and from there they assume that they know enough about you to create the blueprint to get you where you want to go. No way is that even possible! I can’t learn everything about you in 30min, in all reality it takes several weeks for us to get a bead on your body. So, we conduct SEVERAL different assessments during your trial here:

  • How do you move – We first need to see what, if any, limitations are keeping you from moving the way your body SHOULD move. Face it if you can’t move well you you feel like crap and you can’t do the exercises that get you the results
  • How do you eat – There is not one perfect diet that works for everyone; so what we have to do is find out what you and eating then decide on a course of action that gets you where you want to go that is easy for you and works for your lifestyle. Not even has to eat 6 organic meals a day.
  • How do you like to be coached – How best do you respond to coaching? Do you respond with a drill instructor in your ear or more understanding mentorship? A lot of people don’t know and this is what we find out, we find out how we need to coach you to get you to go further than you thought before.
  • How do you learn – This pretty much goes hand-in-hand with the above “coaching style” assessment; we need to find out how do you learn. Do you learn through visual, do learn by kinestic (feel), or auditory? Once we discover HOW you learn we can modify our coaching style to get you to understand what we need to get you to do.

Once we get all this information over the course of two weeks then we can better write up the blueprint that is tailored specifically to your body, your schedule, how you eat, how you learn and what style of coaching you respond best to. This ensures the we write up the instruction booklet to get you or you want to be yet but that it’s not overwhelming. Challenging yes. An additional weight on your shoulders that stresses you to failure, no.


Up to SIX coaching sessions – $299

Which ever comes first, 14 days or 6 sessions, to give YOU a chance to see if we THE best fit for YOU and YOUR body. This goes back up to our previous bullet point that it takes us time to learn you and it take you time to learn us, but as you find out the more often we work with you the better bead we get on your body and mind to see HOW we need to get you where you want to go.

One session, one meeting, with a trainer is never enough! You don’t instantly marry the first person you go on a date with. Gross over exaggeration? Maybe, but you get my point.

It takes a few sessions for us to learn you and for you to learn us, from there both of us can get a good idea how our chemistry is. Chemistry is everything in personal training.


What do to for the days your NOT here – $99

Face it, this is a lifestyle change and for you to get where you are wanting to go then homework is involved, but we have you covered there. After we learn more about you and your body we can instruct you what to do on the days your not with us. NO MORE GUESS WORK. We will take into consideration what equipment or gyms you have access to (don’t worry if you just want to workout at home we can design a program for that as well), your personal comfort level, and design your workouts for the days you are not here.

A lot, but not all, personal trainers just focus on the the time that you are with them and when you are on your own you almost feel as if you need to wing the workout. Sure you may get SOME guidance from them such as a standard cardio workout but do cause GREAT success with your body there will be times that more is required. I may be a bit biased but no one ever got into great shap just working out 20min three times a week like some infomercials would like you to believe.


Nutrition Coaching – $149

Yes this is one of the MAJOR components of working with a trainer… what to EAT. Now it would be silly of anyone to think they can learn YEARS of nutrition education in only a few weeks BUT during this Test Drive we can teach you more about nutrition than you may have been exposed too.

Nutrition is a fickle beast, with LOTS of confusing theories and practices out there. It’s hard to know what is right. Paleo? Atkins? Intermittent Fasting? I mean if you were to google diet alone you would get MILLIONS of hits and all are claiming that their way is best, not everyone has time to sort through all the confusion.

Well that is where we come in, we ARE the ones that do the research and sort though the BS to find what does work, BUT THE COOL PART is that through our success session with you we find WHAT DIET WORKS BEST FOR YOU AND YOUR LIFESTYLE and outline the steps to get you there.




Yes I’m bold enough to put that in here. Why else are you here? RESULTS! Can we promise you that you’ll have your dream body in two weeks… um no, but you WILL notice a difference in this trail to finally get you to see a light at the end of the tunnel.


Total Value: $746


14 Day Trial ONLY $99

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Are you ready to finally achieve your weight loss and fitness goals AND maintain them forever?


Well, I’m ready to help you every step of the way… LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER!



Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

If during the next six session or 14 days we can NOT convince you that we’re the best studio in the area you can walk alway with no obligation what so ever. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your results and if you don’t see a difference in your strength, weight or energy levels we won’t keep it dime of your money. No questions asked.




In Health and Awesomeness,

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Travis Merritt, BS, CPT, (and other cool letters behind the name) is the Owner of Fitness Revolution in Rowlett, TX.


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14 Day Trial ONLY $99

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