Distant Coaching


For less than the cost of a personal trainer in your local gym (who is probably doesn’t deliver the awesome as I do) you can become a distant coaching client.

What is distant coaching?

Could be two things:

  1. You live too far away to make this commute here for the hands on approach.
  2. You have a pretty good head on your shoulders you just want someone else to take the reins for you and tell you what the heck to do. I mean come on… I’m sure you get a head ache thinking about ways to look even sexier 😉

After an assessment, which will help both you and I determine exactly what your needs and goals are we will then set you up for your journey of awesomeness to help you achieve those goals, while meeting the needs of everyday life.


  • No more spinning your wheels in the gym.
  • No more being in constant wonder on what else you should do.
  • No more taking ‘bro-advice’ from the muscle bound guy at the gym that only does bench press and biceps and flexes between each set.

Time to let me take a hold of your program, turn the volume up to 12 and get you the results that you’ve been busting your rear for.

Along the way, I’ll teach you the methods and tricks back by science (remember I’m a huge nerd with this) that have not only gotten me results but has helped my clients blow past their self perceived potentials.

Working together on a monthly basis, you’ll have your diet and training program tailored specifically to you.


This is not the latest cookie-cutter program from muscle and fiction


Every training session is tailored for YOUR body. You’re coming in to perform and take your body to that next level. You’ll know every exercise, every set and rep that needs to be done. You’ll have YOUR plan laid out for YOU.


Learn how to eat the way YOUR body wants. There is a way your body wants you to eat and let me show you how! Have you ever have that moment of dread where you don’t know what to eat? You know that you are suppose to eat ‘healthy’ and something that’s suppose to get you to your goals but you’re not sure what. Let’s teach you how to avoid that panic, learn how to eat when time is short, learn how to plan ahead and teach you when you can be a gluttonous pig and eat what you want! Yes it is possible I do this every week.

I will educated you on how to make better food choices and design a plan to your body to make is transition to a better way of eating to ensure success without the physiological trauma that comes from trying to make a dramatic diet change. Case in point how many times have you heard “On Monday I’m going on the South Beach Diet!” and then you see how miserable the person is. That’s just crap and you can expect NOT to hear that from me.


What else…

Each month, you will receive form me a tailored training program based on our assessments, and the previous months progress. Your meal plans will change depending on where you in respect to your goals.  With constant E-mail support, I’ll be able to make the necessary adjustments to ensure we don’t hit a plateau and speed your progress along.

The most important thing that you’ll learn is how to have a life with this lifestyle; you don’t have to live like a monk to have the body of your dreams… I mean what’s the fun in looking hot but not being able to show it off!?

For more information on coaching, just fill out the form below and you will hear from me pretty quickly 🙂


NOTE: Our Distant Coaching Program is currently full, you can still fill out the form and be put on our list to be notified when a spot opens up