Travis Merritt

Travis Merritt, Fitness Revolution Rowlett, TX

Travis Merritt BS, CES has had a deep seeded passion in fitness since the age of 9! Always developing new routines, exercises and skills to improve him-self physically in sports and in overall health and wellbeing…. Blah blah blah

Ok so you’ve heard of all of this before from other personal trainers but who is this guy?

I’ve read so many fitness professional bios that I honestly have gotten sick of the same boring monotonous filler so I’ll shoot you straight and tell you first want I’m not…

I’m NOT your casual weight loss trainer, if you’re just looking to just get a trainer so that you can fit into the social norm of a “Jersey” housewife stuff then I’ll help you find a trainer that fits that mold… but it won’t be me. I can’t handle watching that stuff anyways.




Now what am I and what do I love about training?


  • Fixing joint injuries

I seem to have found that I’m a big nerd (but I prefer the term “Intellectual Badass”) with this, in fact after completing my Bachelors I have continued obtained several different certs to help me even understand joint motion further. In fact it not uncommon to find me up till 2am doing reading and research on joint motions. Ya…. I’m a nerd

But here is my reasoning, if you can’t move well then we getting you stronger and looking good becomes very difficult and in many cases frustrating. OR here is the other thing that I seem to get quite often. Person looks like a super model but is so tight that can’t put on a seat belt, now that’s not fun!


  • Sculpting bodies

Face it if your reading this then your somewhat interested in what I have to say about looks. I’m not going to lie that it’s a big part on why I got into this world and I’m sure it’s a BIG reason on why you are looking to get into this. Its ok to look good! So if you need help with getting your body to look like a Greek god, let’s do work!


Ohhh, I don’t know, say your goal is to look really hot and post pictures up on facebook to make your ex feel stupid for hooking up with that soccer player, you can count me in on that too 😉


  • Becoming stronger

So cool, you can move like an movie star and you look like a greek god! Now that you look and move better its always nice to know that you have the strength to knock down a door to a burning building and save a bunch of puppies from an animal shelter…  who wouldn’t be impressed by that!


With all that I must say that I love what I do and I love to have fun with it. You’ll often find me laughing with my clients in between sets while discussing life from the philosopher Will Ferrell. On the flip side though I do know when work needs to be done and we plug in that iPod, crank up that music and rock out some amazing workouts.

I’m a nerd that happens to have some muscles and an innate ability to get people rocking some cool fitness triumphs.

If you come with an open mind and a sense of humor you’ll have fun with this community and enjoy time with the quirky big nerd of training that eats, breaths and shirts fitness (hope you caught that typo 😉



In health and awesomeness,