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I once read “ People complain about the “New Year’s Resolutioners” in the gym at this time of the year… well, maybe if you HELPED THEM instead of giving them a hard time they would say all year.

I couldn’t agree more, in fact it inspired me to get into this business.

Personally when ever I have worked with people that started up after the holidays they ended up fitting into TWO camps:

Camp 1: People that just fell off the wagon from the holidays, feel like crap and need someone to light a fire under the a$$.

Camp 2: People that have TRIED multiple times but never found the fit, AND a lot of those had admitted that they didn’t go to the gym because they were intimidated.

Do either one of those sound like you?

I feel for those people that are just starting out or starting over and I don’t care if they are labeled as “Resolutioners” or not, just the the fact that they are trying to make a change is what matters.

Personally it motivates me to work even harder to see someone trying to make a change in their life, we all know how challenging that can be.

Let’s think about Camp 2 for example, a big reason people stopped going to the gym was they never found a “fit” AND they were intimidated. $hit those people are some bada$$es in my opinion.

These people have fallen off the wagon, more than once, but STILL CAME BACK. On top of that they are coming to a place where over 50% of the people that workout there are pretty fit as it is; so they feel they stand out BUT are still willing to try again.

How does that NOT put you in a mindset to be better and work harder!?

BUT with that said, that brings me to a point that as a trainer I get asked, A LOT.


WHY do so many people fail these resolutions?

There isn’t one answer that’s right, everyone falls off the wagon for different reasons, but my theories were a combination of they were treating these resolutions like a diet and not a lifestyle in addition NOT having a SPECIFIC goal to train for that they were attached to.


Diet Vs. Lifestyle

Libraries could be written on this so my words won’t do justice but look at it this way… dieting is just a temporary solution to your problem, its the equivalent of putting a bandaid on a broken leg.

Dieting is like trying to save for retirement but only putting money into your 401K a few months out of the year. Those that retire by the time they were 65, or earlier, made it a lifestyle to put x percent/dollars into their accounts each paycheck, it was NEVER just a one month out of 12 kind of diet.

Being fit and staying fit is the same thing, you have to create a lifestyle of habits to get where you want to be; if your not there now its a result of the lifestyle you have now.


Specific goal and timelines

I’m about to tell you something that most trainers do NOT want you to hear, it’s a bit of an unspoken truth that we hating discussing because… well because it sucks.

People that do NOT have a specific goal and timeline tied in with a reward will mostly likely fail; even with a trainer.

4 out of 5 people that say they just want to lose weight but not a specific number will not see the results they want AND 3 out of 5 people that have a specific goal but NOT a timeline to be completed in will not see the results they want… even with a personal trainer.

Pretty crappy stats if you ask me. :-/

This was something that was a core component for me to correct with I started Fitness Revolution Rowlett. I wanted to spend more time teaching a lifestyle habits in conjunction with timelines for those that had specific goals.

Through all of this one type of goal did stand out to me; people that HAD something to get ready for ALWAYS had a higher chance of success that the ones that did not.

People that got ready for weddings, vacations, photo shoots, competitions, high school reunions, etc… the list goes on, always had the most impressive results.

The more I observed that the better we got a helping to get our client committed to a specific goal for a specific events in conjunction with creating LIFESTYLE changes; not just crash diets.


A New Challenge

So… that has what lead me to try something this year that I’ve never done before. We designed a new kind of new year challenge that combined everything that you’ve read above. We thought we would not only give you a specific goal and timeline BUT a fun event as well.

Now I won’t go into a lot of detail about the program since I’m sure you are tired of reading.Fitness Revolution Rowlett Vegas Challenge

Lets me just say… Las Vegas <=== Learn More There

Yep, you read that correctly, Vegas

Did you click on the link yet?

NOW, let me say upfront this is NOT just for one person that does this BUT FOR ANYONE that signs up for this challenge and completes the requirements.

I’m giving you a specific goal and a timeline  AND an event (Vacation to Las Vegas) for you to get ready for.

Side Note: Some people may think that dropping 20 and six weeks is aggressive, but my responses it’s just as easy to gain 20 in 6 weeks… it’s all about changing up habits and lifestyle NOT crash dieting.


Starting Monday…

For this year if you want to make a change find a reason that you WANT to change for (i.e. like the vacation above) and set a time frame with a specific goal. After that focus on changing lifestyle habits NOT dieting.

The best results that you will get will always come from some event/vacation/trip/experience that you are training for.

So tell me, what are YOU going to do?! Not just the goal but WHERE are you going to go and why is it important to you? You can share your comments below 🙂


In Health and Awesomeness,

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Travis Merritt, BS, CPT, (and other cool letters behind the name) is the Owner of Fitness Revolution in Rowlett, TX.

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