15 Rookie Gym Mistakes

I’ve been in the gym since I was 15 and I’ve seen my fair share of new people come and go. A lot have always made the same mistakes starting out; I get it, we’ve all done it (me especially).

I’ve made PLENTY of mistakes, in fact that’s how I learn best, and the reason I SEEM like I don’t have a case of the dumbs is that I’ve made so many eventually I learned 😉

Below are some of COMMON newbie mistakes that I’ve seen made in the gym and quite a few I’m guilty of as well.

ONE. Thinking I could out train a bad diet – See video below

TWO. Spending hours a week running to get lean – Kid you not, I did 8-9 hours a week for over a month running on a treadmill and I just got weaker and smaller. I ended up losing more muscle than anything AND I still didn’t have abs.
THREE. Ego lifting – So I can leg press 700lbs pretty well, so being an idiot kid that I was I thought that 800lbs looked cooler… I just couldn’t do a full rep but screw it. Well I ended up with achier joints than muscles.
FOUR. Continuing to train an injured joint – When I was in my early 20’s I tore my rotator cuff and tried to do handstand pushups the next day… not my brightest moment.
FIVE. Too many supplements – I was that guy with all the latest supplement stacks, had them labeled, timed, premixed constantly with a shaker cup and I’m sure I looked like some wannabe drug dealer with all my plastic baggies of pills and powders. Let’s just say that one month I’m sure I spent enough to make the payment of the supplement store owner’s Mercedes.
SIX. Not eating enough – Not just with gaining weight but losing weight, it takes energy to build muscle but it also takes energy to lose body fat.
SEVEN. Waiting too long to get help – Getting a trainer to push me and teach me better technique was one of the best things I ever did, made me realize how hard I could go and how much better the results were.
EIGHT. Not having a spotter – Ever been stuck under a bench press and had to have a gym mom help get it off you… em(fucking)barrassing.
NINE. Trying to compete with the guy next to me – Yo, you don’t know their story; they have their plan you have yours, leave it at that.
TEN. Trying to impress the girl close by – Yes I admit it, I did that. Girls apparently are not impressed with you dropping 25 lbs. dumbbells after your epic curl set, but honestly guys she is not even paying attention.
ELEVEN. Acting like I knew it all – I read ALL the magazines and thought I had all the answers to everyone’s lifting problem, honestly I should have been punched.
TWELVE. Talking to the steroid guy between sets – Dude doesn’t want to give you supplement and workout advice between his squat sets, trust me he’ll mistake you for a protein bar.
THIRTEEN. Not having a plan –  I’ve winged plenty of workouts and walked out feeling like I wasted my time. Have a plan and I PROMISE you’ll have a much better workout.
FOURTEEN. Getting a crappy workout partner –  He’s there to get you better and you’re there to get him better, if they are not as serious as you then ditch them.
FIFTEEN. Relying too much on machines – I use to do this chest press machine when I was younger and could handle, what I thought, was a lot of weight on it, then I tried that same weight on the bench press. Well that was the day gym mom saved me, nuff said. Seriously that machine wasn’t made for you; you’ll get MUCH better results with free weights.


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