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Amy Kepple Fitness Revolution Rowlett



The “comfort zone” is the area of your life where you just feel comfortable at, because your current skill set allows you easily navigate within that area. That is where my fitness journey was at the time I stumbled across Fitness Revolution Rowlett. Except, I was not aware that I was working out based on what I was already good at and staying clear of anything that would potentially take me out of my comfort zone.

During the first conversations with Fitness Revolution Rowlett, he made it clear that I needed to move into a learning zone by tackling things I hadn’t tried before and setting new goals. My new goals were things like; betters legs, higher hiney, look like I’m 25 years old again…you know, the normal things all women want.

They listened and understood my goals but also knew that a good goal helps you focus your mind on a new reality which creates a natural pull towards creating this reality. They knew I needed to step it up and recommended I schedule a photo shoot to have a deadline. That was not a recommendation I expected!

I didn’t know how much I was avoiding certain exercises and putting off the necessary steps to reach my goals until I booked my photo shoot. It was then I had to face my fears in order to grow in my fitness quest, but only because I was forced to test my boundaries. What you think you will learn about setting fitness goals sometimes turns into life lessons about how you approach things in general. I got nervous, I wanted to back out, I felt insecure – but I told Rowlett FR I booked the shoot and the date.

I committed by declaring to someone else the deadline and allowing him to be part of the process. I had to trust Rowlett FR when they would make comments about relying more on my inner strengths and to start putting myself out there.  I had to believe in a team approach and leave my loner ways behind. It got easier to admit my anxieties, my worries and to move past them.

This was not at all what I expected from a trainer who I signed up for 1 day a week to get better legs. I learned you have to regularly push yourself, test yourself, build inner strength, take responsibility for your actions to be the person you want to be and reach your goals. I have discovered you can make mistakes in the learning zone, admit fears, and still come out ahead. Anyone can work out, but not everyone reaches their goals and even fewer people learn so much about themselves during the process. That’s the difference you will get with Fitness Revolution Rowlett


P.S. Stepping out of the comfort zone also results in a better hiney 😉


-Amy Kepple-

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