Tracie’s Story

Here is my story:

I hope those of you who read this will be encouraged to seek out those who have a positive impact on your life.  My journey began with one person understanding how much pain my body was in, my massage therapist, Jeanna Mead.  She told me about Travis Merritt and the impact he has had on her physical well being.  You see, I was what some people would call the Corporate Athlete.  Always working hard for those I worked for and never giving a second thought to my physical well being.  Yes, my work was rewarding but I struggled mentally and physically to the point where I was taking antidepressants at night, muscle relaxers and sometime pain medication just to make it though the next day.

After years of help from doctors there was never any change in any of the physical things I was feeling.  I am married with two children and the impact on them never became a reality until I made the decision to stop being the corporate athlete; yes I quit my corporate job!  A year and three months afterwards I was still in pain nothing had changed, until I met Travis Merritt!

My recovery began on December 5th, 2011 after meeting Travis.  The first thing I realized, he was not your average trainer.  I had done personal training in the past and just thought the trainer knew what he was doing, so I trusted him.  Again, I was putting a lot of trust and faith in Travis to fix what was ailing me.

My first meeting with Travis was very enlightening to say the least.  He took me through a battery of physical assessments to see how flexible my muscles are.  It had nothing to do with my ability to lift heavy weights as I had done in the past.  The first session he started to relive scar tissue that had build up over years of neglect, the relief was almost instant.  That was the first night I had slept without pain in a number of months, maybe years.  Once pain grips you sometimes you learn to live with it, but you don’t have too, I promise!  If you find someone who cares and knows the mechanics of the body, your life will change dramatically in a very short period of time.

Today, January 11, 2012, I can say I am pain free!   It took less than a month to feel this way!  I see Travis two times a week for 30 minutes that is all!  My intentions are to be in the gym more often, I just haven’t gotten to the point of making it a priority and Travis doesn’t make me feel like you have too.  One thing he understands very well is people will do things in their own time.

As a trainer, Travis has been there for me emotionally (though he doesn’t know it), spiritually and physically.  He has never asked of me more than I can give, but pushes me to do it right.  He never leaves me to do my work out, he is always there!  I have never had a trainer that stayed with me the entire time.  They usually tell/show me what to do and go do something else.  Travis helps me coach my family to live a better life as well.  I have never seen anyone who knows and studies the movements of the human body more than Travis.  My doctors and physical therapist weren’t even able to tell me as much information!  He constantly does research on the body and training, probably spends hours doing it!  How do I know, because he shares all this information with me and I am better because of it!

Just so you know I do not take any of the medication I was taking prior to December 5.  As a matter of fact the only things I take now are vitamins.  The work I do now requires a lot of standing and arm work, as for being sore after my work out, it is minimal.  Travis remembers what I do for a living and gives me enough training to feel it the next day without feeling like I can’t move.  This is a great thing!  Every day I feel stronger and stronger, both physically and mentally.  Now, I enjoy practicing volleyball with my daughter and have more energy to do the things that I love the most, which is spending time with my family.

I hope you are encouraged to seek out the best personal trainer and feel empowered by my testimonial.  Don’t put off what you should do today!  Take care of the body God has giving you and you will be greatly rewarded.  If you would like to contact me, please feel free to.


Warmest regards,

Tracie Hibbs

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