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Now its not too often that I break away from my usual education pieces but some times I see some things that really make me sit back and reflect on one of the deeper reasons that I do what I do.

Take a look at both videos that I consider to be pretty powerful.



What I think

Man I could go on all day about this but lets just say that this tugs at my heart strings a bit.

Sometimes I get so caught up in the education, science, methods and tactics to help my clients get better and better results with their body-fat loss and joint repair faster than anyone that sometimes I forget that others may need more. Seeing this makes me remember one of the reasons that I chose to be in this industry, to help people in situations such as these and show them that there is another way to live… for them to see that their is a light at the end of the tunnel.

If you go and check out the youtube page of this video you’ll see thousands of comments ranging from congratulations for Robert reaching out to the world for help all the way to hating the man for being in his current situation, I chose not to read those comments becuase some of those retards just pi$$ me off with the hate mongering.

What I’ve learned over the years being a trainer is that there is always more to the story that we will ever know. This video just barley scratches the surface of 23years of history that led this man to his current state. This history can include the nature that he was surrounded with as of growing up (most notably the people that enable him to live this way), the physiological predepositions that he may have towards forms of addictions all the way to, in a lot of cases, financial hardships that cause a person to eat the dollar menu.

People that are so quick to judge this man before they have heard 23years of his story. I’m in no means saying that he does not have his fair share of responsibly to take but to many factors to consider when making a decision on how you feel about him and his actions that have lead to this.

I’m not trying to turn this into a big sociological rant that could really lose control here but I personal congratulate him on reaching out to the world and asking for help when he has tried many times over. He has not quit. I’ve heard that he has already been approached by Dr. Phil and several ‘celebrity’ trainers so I’m confident that he will get the help that he needs to hopefully better his life from his current situation.



What I think

This one can really hit home to parents. I mean did you see the very end!? I can’t tell you how many times that I see parents give in to their kids and give them food to quite down.

A side note: I will say that I do not have children so I will not say that I understand the mental and emotion stress that comes with this responsibility. I’m sure that McDonalds fries would seem like a small price to pay for some much needed sanity and breaks from a crying toddler.

We need to find another way besides foods that are more chemical that anything.

When I use to help coach boys gymnastics I would talk to parents that would wonder why their children weren’t losing weight when they would go pick up a happy meal right after their children are done with class. You and I may see the obvious here that you can’t out train a bad diet but then again I’m not a parent.

What I hope this video shows is that if parents don’t stop or make an effort to make change in their children’s lifestyle habits you will be going to the hospital to see your 20something kid that just had a heart attack, and heaven forbid that a parent has to bury their child because of this. I have personally seen this happen a few times and the parents are never the same.

My conclusion

People look for others to blame for this, society, government, fast food companies, etc.. I personaly feel that they have to accept some responsiblity for themselves AND I will say that responsiblity does fall on others as well. I mean we do live in a time that the dollar menu is more feasible for a low income family vs. buying natural foods. When a family has a very limited income its very difficult to argue this.

I don’t wan this to become a geopolitical debate on everyone’s personal philosophies but change does need to happen and it needs to start with what we can do with our families to help slow and eventually stop this cycle.  How can be argued, but lets not see it get to these levels that we have just seen, we don’t want ourselves to another statistic in this ever growing problem.


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Travis Merritt, BS, CPT is the owner of Fitness Revolution in Rowlett, TX.

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  1. As soon as I just posted this I’ve already received a few negative comments on YouTube on the comment that I left on the first video. Wow… some people are just really ticked at this guy.

    Will I respond? LOL no, anyone that takes the time to stifle through thousands of comments to leave hate monger opinion on people’s positive support is just not worth my time or mental stress.

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