Champion Core Series Level 1


Wow so that last blog post was a LONG one! Iol I got a few comments about that it may have been too long‚Ķ yeah yeah it was a bit nerdy but get over it ūüėČ

So depending on where you were in your test will determine what level you need to start at in the ab workouts. I’m going to start with the 50% individuals because to be honest this is where I see most people lacking in.

As a personal trainer what a lot of gym goers don’t know is that the starting position in ab work is one of the most important things you can do. I mean we just don’t flop on the ground and do sloppy leg raises and crunches, just like you wouldn’t go pick up some heavy weight with bad form in a deadlift… starting position in both cases is EXTREAMLY important.

A flat back is one of the few things that you need to master before we ever go into hard core training. A flat back, for the purse of the ab series, consist having the small of your back (your lumbar spine) touching the ground while you’re lying down.

You MUST be able to control this and be able to flatten your back out if not I can assure you that you will have a lot of trouble completing these core routines. If you look at the pictures below you can see what I mean but flatten your back.

If you find that you’re having trouble with this then here are some exercises to teach you how to get into the starting position:


Lying Pelvic Tilt

You goal is this exercise is to COMPLETELY flatten out your back as like in the picutres above.

  • Start with your back arched
  • Roll your pelvis forward by drawing in your abs (use your lower abs to pull your¬†pelvis¬†towards you
  • Hold for a count to show that you have control over this
  • Relax (for most people your back will fall back into its arch)

Repeat up to 20 reps.

I recomend doing this at least 3 times but you can go up to six times if you so desire.

Do this DAILY, yes I said daily, so that you build better neuromuscular (aka: the mind muscle connection) control over the movement of your pelvis.

Starting Position of a Pelvic Tilt

End position of a pelvic tilt











It may be a bit difficult to see but if you look at the pic on the left you notice how the lower back is arched, this is the most common starting postion for most ab exercises that I see. This is the incorrect starting position for your popular ab exercises (leg raises, crunches, ect…) but these exercises will fix it!¬†Ironically¬†this is the starting position that I want for these particular ab exercises in this post.

***You MUST keep the small of your back on the ground the ENTIRE time, especially in these leg raises!***

Once you feel confident and¬†comfortable¬†with that exercise try this progression…


Lying Single Leg Pelvic Tilt


Basicly is the same as the above exercise except its just on one leg, its a bit harder that it looks ūüôā ¬† (I bet your asking yourself “Why is he smiling at that!?)

Follow the same amount of sets sand reps as above, I recommend alternate your legs between each rep

Starting Position of Lying Single Leg Pelvic Tilt

Ending Position of the Lying Single Leg Pelvic Tilt











Now I know these exercises aren’t that sexy but you need to learn to crawl before you can run in¬†the¬†Olympics.

A lot of the basic principle of these exercises is to really teach your mind how to start properly working the muscle because if you can’t control how the muscle works and moves AND if your unsure how to do THAT then getting that muscle to¬†develop¬†to its fullest potential becomes near¬†impossible.

So practice these, and make sure you have them mastered before we move on to the next level of exercises.


Level 2 Exercises coming up Next!


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