Be nice to your trainer :)

Be nice to your trainer…


Its been a few days since my last e-mail and I wanted to reach out for some Friday Video Time before I head off to the State Fair!


This is a great training montage:


So what all has been going on in the FR world? Well lets just say a lot! I can’t believe how much there is to do and honestly I can’t complain because this is all just making me a better trainer and I have clients that are seeing results even faster than before… I love it!


Trainer courtesy…

What exactly is trainer courtesy? Well that term can change from day to day but today its about letting your trainer know in a timely manner that your not going to make a session.


Just now I had a client txt me 5min into his session that he was at work and could not make todays workout… um could you please have told me as soon as you found out? There are other clients that I could be helping.


Now don’t get me wrong I completely understand that life happens but regardless courtesy is a must. As a business owner I would never want to work with anyone that this is what they do on a weekly basis (yes this is a weekly occurrence for this particular person). I’m sure that as a professional trainer I did this to my clients I would no longer be in business and no one would want to work with me. Don’t think this doesn’t work the other way around…


In my disclaimer and waiver that I have my clients sign I do have what I call my “douch bag” clause. Other words if your an a– to me, other clients, gym member or workers (timeliness is among this) I will exercise the right to fire you. I will be exercising this right.


I can tell that if I continue to work with this person it will do more damage than good to my reputation as one of north Texas’s top fitness professionals, and that is just not worth it.


Why am I venting about this. Let me just say that there are plenty of people to do business with (not just with training but with life) if the chemistry is not there save yourself time and stress by going to another that you “click” with and I can assure you that both parties will enjoy the meeting much better. Admit it you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about 😉


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I have some new a cool things in the works right now that is sure to make FR stand out from any training service in the North Texas area, trust me when I say that some of this you have never seen before!

(a hint: how about having a trainer not only dictate your eating and meal order but make sure that you never have to go the the grocery store… EVER AGAIN!)


Have a wonderful weekend!

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Travis Merritt


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