“I don’t want to lift wights, I’ll get TOO bulky!”

“I don’t want to lift weights, I’ll get too bulky!!”

This is what I hear from so many women that I have to discuss that they need to lift weight(s), so let me set the record straight with a few key pieces of advice.


These are excerpts from my new e-book How to Have a Body Like Barbie… Except Without All the Plastic.


The Testosterone Story

First off let me say that women CAN NOT get muscle bound like men. No matter what you think I can assure you that you lifting weights will not results with arms looking like Arnolds, I’ve been doing this for over 10 years and I’m still waiting on that to happen J

What exactly builds muscle? Well to be honest there are a lot of things but one of the main components of muscle building is testosterone. Now the hormone testosterone is responsible for the large increases in muscle mass seen by men when lifting weights, because men have higher testerone levels they will see muscle gain and fat loss faster than women… sucks to hear ladies I know. To further prove this point let’s take a look at these numbers.

Normal testosterone levels in men are 250-800 ng/dl while 15-70 ng/dl are normal in women. As you can see, men’s testosterone levels are SIGNIFICANTLY higher than women’s. Even if a man is at the LOW end of the men’s normal testosterone range (250 ng/dl), he still has nearly three times the amount as a woman at the HIGH end of the women’s testerone scale.

So if you were to take a look at the midrange levels of testerone  we look at the median or mid-range testosterone levels in men and women, men = 500 and women = 43. So on an average, men have nearly 12 times more testosterone than women! Without getting too much into the science the numbers show that women do not have near the hormonal support that your avg man has to garnish that speed of muscle growth. If you need further proof go to your physician and request hormone panel, it wouldn’t hurt, and see where you rank in at. I can promise you that your fears of “looking like a man” are completely unwarranted.









I can promise you she isn’t bulky… look at what she is lifting


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I know that may be a bit on the science side, trust me there isn’t that much in the e-book, but in all reality women you can’t gain muscle the speed that which a man does… hormonal wise it is not possible.

To all my ladies out there LIFT HEAVY, the heavier you lift the MORE TONE you become!!!


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