Arnold’s secrets to success speech

So it’s been a few weeks since I finally got the new website up and running (for the most part at least) that has taken a big

Sorry for the pic, just made me laugh 😉

load off my plate so now I can focus on delivering the results you want.


First, this video is a must watch. Its Arnold’s (former governator) six secrets to success. Now I know that he has gotten a lot of flack for his most recently scandal and I’m not down playing that but regardless you can not be impressed by his meteoric rise from an Austrian bodybuilder to where he is now.





Trust me, watch this:




In addition I’m happy to announce that Fitness Revolution has teamed up with Prograde Nutrition! Honestly I can’t tell you how happy I am to be affiliated with this company.


I was introduced to Prograde a few years ago and I haven’t turned back since. What got me to realize this company is so far ahead of any supplement company was the fact they did deliver results.


Years ago when I began getting caught up in the supplement craze spending insane amounts on powders and pills (one month I topped over $500!) I bought in on all the marketing hype of your big brand names but to be honest as much money I was spending I was not getting the results that I was expecting. A fellow fitness guru friend of mine told me about this new company that’s whole concept was cutting edge nutrition that deliver not only results but EDUCATION. I mean on their website they even ask you NOT to buy their products! Who the heck says that!?


I decided what the heck, why not give it a shot. I mean this guy did know what he was talking about and if you ever did see him you what know why I say that.


So I went on line and tried out their protein powder.


Hands down one of the best I’ve had in my fitness career, its going to take a lot to top this!


Just take a look and see for yourself. Its ok to be skeptical but I will say this:

  • Not all supplements are created equal, I could tell you horror stories of the manufacturing ways of some major companies
  • Least amount of marketing usually means a better product (tell me I’m not wrong).


I can’t tell you how excited I am for the coming months because Rowlett FR is going to get better and better always delivering the results you want. GUARANTEED!


In Health and Fitness,

Travis Merritt


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