6 things that will ruin your fitness

This was inspired from a recent blog that I read…


1. “Woe as me!” 

This is for those that are always feeling bad for themselves and they are letting everyone know about it. You know these people! Damn they are annoying. I understand that we will sometimes have an “off” morning but if you think of it as a BAD morning or bad day it will continue to go that way UNTIL you get your head out of there and change your mindset!


2. Lazy and late

One of the best quotes that I ever heard about being late was that it takes the same amount of effort to be 5min early as it does to be 5min late. If you come in late to your workout don’t think that your doing to stay late because I promise you’ll find a reason not too. Don’t be lazy and make it a priority


3. The Blame Game

No matter what you think its your fault. It not McDonalds fault that your over weight… its not your boss’s fault that you miss your workout. We are in control over everything that happens to us (I will argue that any day). So don’t blame others for your perceived misfortunes accept responsibility and take command on what you need to do to make a change. Besides everyone hates those who blame others…


4. Excuses

This one is closely related to the blame game but we know those people… there is always an excuse on why they can’t do what they are suppose to do. I won’t go into detail but I will stay stop it and take control of your life and your fitness



5. Acting out?
I still find it hard to really describe this one but I’ll just call these people impulsive, and not a good impulsive but the bad impulsive that causes harm to us and others. Like blurting out words before we actually think about it, buying expensive items when we don’t have the money, going out to eat even though we are trying to lose weight. Think before you act and exercise some restraint.

6. Nitpicking

These people are never happy with anything, other words they will always find something wrong. Now there is a find line with this and the principle of constant improvement but sometimes it is just best to let things go…

6.5 Luck

I’m sorry but luck doesn’t exist… make your own luck. I promise that if you follow those six rules listed above you’ll make your own luck and you will be quite impressed with how far you come with your workouts and life



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Travis Merritt


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