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I once read “ People complain about the “New Year’s Resolutioners” in the gym at this time of the year… well, maybe if you HELPED THEM instead of giving them a hard time they would say all year.

I couldn’t agree more, in fact it inspired me to get into this business.

Personally when ever I have worked with people that started up after the holidays they ended up fitting into TWO camps:

Camp 1: People that just fell off the wagon from the holidays, feel like crap and need someone to light a fire under the a$$.

Camp 2: People that have TRIED multiple times but never found the fit, AND a lot of those had admitted that they didn’t go to the gym because they were intimidated.

Do either one of those sound like you?

I feel for those people that are just starting out or starting over and I don’t care if they are labeled as “Resolutioners” or not, just the the fact that they are trying to make a change is what matters.

Personally it motivates me to work even harder to see someone trying to make a change in their life, we all know how challenging that can be.

Let’s think about Camp 2 for example, a big reason people stopped going to the gym was they never found a “fit” AND they were intimidated. $hit those people are some bada$$es in my opinion.

These people have fallen off the wagon, more than once, but STILL CAME BACK. On top of that they are coming to a place where over 50% of the people that workout there are pretty fit as it is; so they feel they stand out BUT are still willing to try again.

How does that NOT put you in a mindset to be better and work harder!?

BUT with that said, that brings me to a point that as a trainer I get asked, A LOT.
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Misleading Transformations

Transformation Truths | Fitness Revolution RowlettSo I’ve been dieting for two days and I haven’t lost any weight!

I had this question sent to me this morning on Facebook.

Now I’ll attest that not too long back I would simply “lol” this off as a person that “clearly doesn’t get it”, that doesn’t understand losing weight is a life style and NOT a diet.

BUT to be honest this isn’t the first time I’ve had this question proposed to me, I’ve had people ask how come after one week of working out they haven’t lost any weight, how come after 1 month of working out they still have flab or how come after losing 50lbs they don’t look the ways these models look.

And it’s really not those people’s fault.


Well any major media loves to show these mind boggling transformations to sell a service or product, it’s business, but some of these claims of;  30lbs in 30 days, supermodel figure super fast, the Victoria’s Secret diet, etc.. have flooded people’s mind that they believe if they eat a few “super foods” and do these special workouts they too will have a banging body.

Hell at one point in time I believed it.

AND… that sucks

I mean don’t get me wrong, I’ve been in the fitness industry for nearly 15 years and I’ve seen some amazing transformations in just a 12 week time frame but even I admit they are few and far between. [Read more…]

Client Study: Brandi Laughlin

Fitness Revolution Rowlett | Client Brandi Laughlin


One year ago Brandi Laughlin walked in our doors and wanted to essentially compete bikini competition within one year’s time.

She had already lost about 60 pounds on her own through making better eating choices,  running for the past five years, and had just really started getting into lifting weights; but she even testified that she wasn’t quite sure if she was doing everything correctly.

After spending more time talking to her I realize that she had actually taken care of a lot of the hard things its comes to when training someone. Things such as hormonal imbalances, changing lifestyle habits, ridding the notion that the number on the scale is a reflection of her health and fitness, etc…

Those make a trainers job a lot easier since we have to spend quite a bit of our time coaching, not just the education process that goes with exercising and diet, but coaching a person to transition to healthier habits that lead to their end goal.

After our conversation and movement assessment I decided to treat this as we were going to start from the ground up, other words a clean slate.

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Worlds Shortest Blog Post




Rather cheeky, don’t you think ;)


In Health and Awesomeness,

Travis Signature 300x62 My Go To Supplements Stacks

Travis Merritt, BS, CPT, (and other cool letters behind the name) is the Owner of Fitness Revolution in Rowlett, TX.

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My Go-To Supplements Stacks

Supplement Stacks | Fitness Revolution Rowlett

I need to start off by saying…

I AM NOT A DOCTOR, and these recommendations that I’m going to make are based on the research that I read and experiences from clients and myself so please use this information for education ONLY and NOT medical advice. Consult a dr. if you have questions about your health.

Ok so that was a bit of a buzz kill intro wasn’t it (sigh)…

What I’ve done below is list out the raw ingredients that you can pick up just about anywhere (I personally use Amazon) that I like to see in supplements from fat burners to muscle builders. The reason I like raw ingredients is this way you know exactly how much you are putting into your body and not relying on the proprietary blend that we talked about in the last blog

So what is listed below are the bulk of the ingredients that cause majority of supplements to work without any of the filler. Your welcome.

Traditionally I don’t do too many blogs on supplements because I’ve seen some people quickly run to the store or online in hopes this is the magic pill and not understand that the eating is essentially what makes these supplements work.


At best supplement stacks will give you about a 5% edge 


I’ve accepted you were simply going to get some recommendations from somewhere so at least this is better than getting it from the GNC guy that obviously doesn’t work out or the 18-year-old supplement guy working behind the counter.

I think that was my justification for writing this. Lame, right? LOL


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Proprietary Blend AKA “not really telling you what’s in here”

Proprietary Blend | What's in them | Fitness Revolution Rowlett

After my pre-workout hack bit there were a few messages from people asking me what about ‘this’ pre-workout and ‘that’ pre-workout, ‘this’ test booster and other stuff.

I’m no supplement expert here but I have learned a few lessons that I figured I could pass along your way to make sure you don’t run into the same expensive mistakes I did with crappy supplements.

Consider that when you are dealing with supplements that make larger than life claims, remember my orgasms on the gym floor claim form the last blog, you will want to take a look at the back of the label to see in the ingredients and nutrition label.

You’ll see a bunch of words that most likely you have no idea what the mean so with that said my first piece of advice is to take a cell phone shot of the label, wait till you go home and look up the ingredients on the label… seriously I wish I had someone tell me that years ago. Why put in anything in your body that you’re not quite sure what it is in the first place, but I digress.

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My Pre-workout Hack That Saves Money

Pre Workout Hack to Save You Money - Fitness Revolution Rowlett


Recently I got this question on Facebook: Travis, what pre workout do you recommend?

SHEEEEET… that is a loaded question.

First off let me just say that pre-workout is not mandatory for every workout, BUT I do understand that it’s almost equivalent of a proverbial switch that flips in the brain to let you know it’s time to kick a$$ and work out… to a lot of people it’s ritualistic that they fill their shaker cup with water and start chugging their liquid energy.

Hey I get it, I have been guilty of this myself on many occasions and still find myself picking up an RTD (ready to drink) pre workout if I was ill prepared for the day.


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Gym Safety Alert: Outbreak of Gym Douche Bags

gym douche bags


I… see… gym douche bags


What exactly is a gym douche bag?

You would know one if you saw one.

Predominately these are guys in their late teens to early 30s, though I’ve seen a few special breeds that go all the way into the 50s, walking around with their beats by dre headphones Ed Hardy T-shirts, reeking of some abrasive cologne while they take selfies in the gym mirror talking about “dem gains bruh”

That starting to jog your memory a bit?

How does one contract this herpes like disease?

Personally I theorized it was a werewolf bite during the full moon due to their scarcity, but later recently learned you can get this through commenting online hating on someone in better shape than you OR wearing an Affliction T-shirt covered in rhinestones.

Good to know.

BUT… let’s say you’re new to the gym world and are not quite sure what to look for, or that you may fear your slowly transforming into one of these creatures.

Let me give you some signs that you have spotted a gym douche bag or heaven forbid are slowly transforming into one.

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Discover HOW to AVOID Choosing the WRONG Personal Trainer


Things have been busy here at Fitness Revolution Rowlett! Good things :)

One of the topics that has really come to our attention over the past several months is people coming to us that are currently working with the trainer but are not happy with what they are getting?

NOW… I will always help the person out on how to communicate with their trainer FIRST, sometimes what we speak and what is herd are two different things, and a personal trainer cannot fix what they do not know. So when this happens it’s just a lack of communication and when people learn this gently they are perfectly fine and continue on their way with their trainer.

BUT… There are some cases when I talk with the person and I can obviously tell they are getting the short end of the stick. Their personal trainer is not holding up THEIR end of the agreement, or there is a lack of professionalism,  a lot of cases a lack of knowledge or all of the above.

So, with all of that said I decided to actually write a FREE REPORT on HOW TO AVOID CHOOSING THE WRONG PERSONAL TRAINER.


You will Learn in this FREE REPORT:

- 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Personal Trainer

- 4 Personal Trainer Rip Offs

- Step-by-step Guide on HOW to Find a GREAT Trainer in Your Area. 


We covered a TON of information in this report, and we held nothing back. In fact I’m pretty sure that if any personal trainer reads this they will either not their head up-and-down in approval or send me hate mail. Screw it.

There is no sales pitch in disguise with this report, this is just free information so that you can make the best decision possible when working or choosing to work with a personal trainer.

We are only here to help so if you have ANY questions just leave a comment below :)


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Travis Signature 300x62 Are You TOO Unhealthy to Lose Fat?

Travis Merritt, BS, CPT, (and other cool letters behind the name) is the Owner of Fitness Revolution in Rowlett, TX.

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Are You TOO Unhealthy to Lose Fat?

Too unhealthy to lose fat | Fitness Revolution Rowlett

In short the answer is “yes” for majority of people that walk in these doors.

The body has a process, or an order of priorities, when it comes to FAT loss; not weight loss those are two different things.

Majority of people that set out to lose weight will gently start with the combination of eating less food and going to the gym a few times a week, they will see that this helps with a few pounds but it doesn’t get them the look that there are after.

It’s when they hit this point they tend to come see us, explaining to me that they are living a much healthier lifestyle eating less and working out more but the body is not wanting to get rid of the body fat

At this point I will typically do a little bit more digging to find out one what is their definition of healthy and how long they have been doing this. These two questions can generally let me have a good idea of where we need to start and maybe what is causing them to hold the weight.

When I dig into their history one of the number one things that I’m looking for is DIET history; in my opinion is one of the most important and most underused indicators on the ability the person has for fat loss. [Read more…]